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CH 15: Nixon, Ford, and Carter

Big Questions to Consider...

  1. Should affirmative action programs be used as a means to make up for past injustices?
  2. Was the Watergate scandal a sign of strength or weakness in the United States system of government? Or: Should Nixon have resigned the presidency?
  3. Is secrecy more important than the public’s right to know in implementing foreign policy? (Bay of Pigs invasion, 1961; clandestine ClA operations; Pentagon Papers court case, 1971; Iran-Contra affair; invasion of Panama, 1989; etc.)
  4. Should human rights and morality be the cornerstones of US foreign policy? Or: Should the United States be concerned with human rights violations in other nations?)
  5. Are peace and stability in the Middle East vital to the United States’ economy and national security?