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CH 08: World War II

Big Questions to Consider...

  1. Did United States foreign policy during the 1930s help promote World War II? Or: Could the United States have prevented the outbreak of World War II?
  2. Should the United States sell arms to other nations? Or: Should the United States have aided the Allies against the Axis powers? Or: Does American security depend upon the survival of its allies?
  3. Was war between the United States and Japan inevitable?
  4. How important was the home front in the United States’ victory in World War II?
  5. Was the treatment of Japanese Americans during World War II justified or an unfortunate setback for democracy?
  6. Should the US employ atomic (nuclear) weapons to defeat its enemies in war? (President Truman’s decision to drop the atom bomb on Japan)
  7. Could the United States have done more to prevent the Holocaust?
  8. Was World War II a “good war?” Or: Was World War II justified by its results?

World War II: The Road to War

World War II: The World at War

Chapter 18...Americans at War