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CH 07: Crash, Depression, and New Deal

Chapter Resources

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Dow Jones and Industrial Average
Black Tuesday
Great Crash
Business Cycle
What were the main causes of the Great Depression?
How did the Great Depression affect other countries?
What caused the Great Crash?
What was the attitude of most Americans in the 1920s about the economy?
What were the economic danger signs?
Dust Bowl
Dorthea Lange
Scottsboro Boys
Wilson Ledford
Give specific examples of how the Great Depression affected City Laborers?
Give specific examples of how the Great Depression affected Farmers?
Give specific examples of how the Great Depression affected Women?
Give specific examples of how the Great Depression affected Children?
Give specific examples of how the Great Depression affected Men?
Give specific examples of how the Great Depression affected Racial Minorities?
Describe how poverty continued to spread during the Great Depression?
What social problems were caused by the Great Depression?
What caused the Dust Bowl?
What did many farmers in the area of the Dust Bowl do to find work?
How did increased poverty lead to a decline in public health?
What was the main purpose and the effect of Dorthea Lange's photography?
Penny Auction
21st Amendment
Monopoly (the game)
Why were many inspired to see the construction of the Empire State Building?
Why was the 21st Amendment passed?
Hawley-Smoot Tariff
Reconstruction Finance Corporation
Bonus Army
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Eleanor Roosevelt
20th Amendment
A "New Deal"
Why was the Election of 1932 a significant turning point in American politics? What was the new approach taken by FDR and the Democrats?
Why did Roosevelt win the Election of 1932 by such a huge margin?
From what groups did FDR receive significant support in the Election of 1932?
New Deal
First Hundred Days
Public Works Program
Civilian Conservation Corps
Agricultural Adjustment Administration
Tennessee Valley Authority
Second New Deal
Wagner Act
Closed Shop
Social Security System
Twentieth Amendment
Federal Emergency Relief Administration
National Industrial Recovery Act
Brain Trust
The 1936 Election
Eleanor Roosevelt
What steps did President Roosevelt take during his first few months in office to reverse the trend of the Great Depression?
How successful was the national Recovery Administration?
What caused the New Deal to falter?
What were some important characteristics of the Second New Deal programs?
What did FDR’s landslide victory reveal about Americans’ response to the New Deal?
Deficit Spending
What effects did the New Deal have on women and minorities?
Why did the American Liberty League view the New Deal as unconstitutional and un-American?
Describe FDR’s “court-packing” maneuver and its outcome.
National Debt
Sit-Down Strike
The Grapes of Wrath
The Wizard of Oz
Explain how the New Deal did not “cure” the Depression.
What was the New Deal’s impact on Labor Unions?
How did government projects help support writers, artists, musicians, and others during the Great Depression?
Why did the United States slide back into recession in 1937?
What did critics dislike about the Social Security System?
List a few lasting effects of the New Deal.

Big Questions to Consider...

  1. Was the Great Depression inevitable?
  2. Was the New Deal an effective response to the depression?
  3. Did Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal weaken or save capitalism?
  4. Did Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal undermine the constitutional principles of separation of powers and checks and balances?
  5. Did minorities receive a New Deal in the 1930s?
  6. Do labor unions and working people owe a debt to the New Deal?
  7. Did the New Deal effectively end the Great Depression and restore prosperity?
  8. Has the United States abandoned the legacy of the New Deal?

The Great Depression and New Deal

"Fear the Boom and Bust" a Hayek vs. Keynes Rap Anthem