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CH 01: Intro, Constitution, and US Gov't

Big Questions to Consider...

  1. How and in what ways was the American Revolution revolutionary?
  2. What were the weaknesses in the Articles of Confederation? What were some of its strengths?
  3. How does the Constitution distribute power in terms of checks and balances and separation of powers? 
  4. How have the first amendment freedoms been expanded and inhibited over time? 
  5. How has suffrage been impacted by changing beliefs and ideals over time? 
  6. How is each house of Congress different from the other? 
  7. What are the roles of the president? 
  8. How is the power of the executive checked by the Constitution and tradition? 
  9. Why are presidential decisions so important on a global scale? 
  10. How does the source of funding for a government relate to its power? 
  11. How are the powers of the judicial branch unique among the three branches of government? 
  12. How have court decisions defined the Constitution and the civil liberties of American citizens? 
  13. Why is it important to explicitly state rights like those found in the Bill of Rights and the 14th Amendment? 

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