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Graphing Calculator Emulator

There are two options for you:  

A) You can find the folder "TI83+ Emulator" on the take drive in Mrs.Klein-Geltink's folder, save it onto a flash drive, and bring it home to copy to your computer. 

B)  You can follow the steps below to download the program from this site.

If you use Windows, you can "emulate" a TI-83 calculator on your computer.

Here are some steps to get you started...

  1. Make sure you have a copy of WinZip... you can download an evaluation version from http://www.winzip.com
  2. Download the following file to your desktop by clicking on this link.
  3. Use WinZip to unzip (extract) the file to your desktop -- this will create a folder called "vti Folder"
  4. Inside of this folder, there is a program titled "Vti" or "Vti.exe" -- double click it to start the program...
  5. Click "Next"
  6. Choose the "TI-83 Plus version 1.2" from the list and click "Next"
  7. Click "Finish"
  8. A calculator will appear on your desktop.
  9. You may need to right-click on the calculator to exit the program.
  10. Have fun!