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Woodland Title Programs

Title I A Programs
Parent Education

Parent Education at Woodland includes printed newsletters, online parent publications, teacher communications, Banner Press articles, web page information, parent and family nights, parent teacher conferences and more.

Parent NightsParent nights are held once each semester for each grade level and each department.  During these nights parents and students take part in fun, informational activities which are connected to the curriculum for their grade level.
After-School TutoringAfter-school tutoring is offered to students on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Students are referred for after-school tutoring by their classroom teacher.  The referring teacher and the tutor collaborate regularly on identifying student needs and monitoring the student's progress.
2-16-17 Tutoring Plan
Professional DevelopmentThe kindergarten through eighth grade staff receives regular, ongoing professional development on implementation of  instructional strategies and using data to effectively inform instruction.