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Scholastic Reading Counts

Scholastic Reading Counts Program


Reading Counts at Woodland


Students in grades seven and eight use Reading Counts (RC) software quizzes and reports to accelerate their reading growth. Using RC, teachers and the librarian can continuously guide students to appropriate books within their zone of proximal reading development. This can ensure that every student is challenged without being frustrated.

The WHS Library has a large selection of books with RC quizzes (with a quiz data base numbering 54, 560 books). The reading level of each book is indicated by a lexile number inside the books. Students choose their own books and read them at their own pace. After finishing a book, each student takes a ten-question multiple choice quiz on a computer in the classroom or the library. Both the student and the teacher get immediate, individualized constructive feedback to ongoing reading practice. Reading experience ultimately improves critical-thinking skills, writing skills, increases scores on standardized tests, and builds a love of reading. RC also helps the student build their vocabulary, and increase their reading level.

The mission of the Woodland High School Library Media Center is to teach students to locate, access, evaluate, and use information effectively from a variety of sources; to support the curriculum; and to encourage reading literacy and enjoyment.