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A  resource focusing on empowering parents
to influence their teen drivers to drive safely!

March 2010  Edition
 Focus: Drunk and Drugged Driving


Help Your Teen Stay Safe This Spring
Help Prevent Drunk and Drugged Driving
green beer

March is here, and so is the annual holiday where we all try to find our pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  Tiny men in green suits and four-leafed clovers can be seen poking up here and there!

Many drink to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, but parents, make sure that your teen knows where you stand on the issue of underage drinking and drinking and driving.  Have a zero tolerance policy, and make sure that your teen is safe on our highways.  Not only is underage drinking illegal, it's also very dangerous.  Getting a DUI or causing themselves or someone else harm is not worth the risk!

This month, we're focusing on sharing resources with you regarding underage drinking and drunk and drugged driving.  Check out all of the great information and links included in this issue!

Information Available at Under YOUR Influence:

Underage Drinking Statistics - great stats you can talk about with your teen

Underage Drinking Links - links where you can get more information about underage drinking

Underage Drinking Conversation Starters - tips on starting the "underage drinking talk" with your teen

Underage Drinking State Laws Map - a comprehensive list of underage drinking laws for every state

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Keep YOUR teen under YOUR influence!


For tips on how to educate your teen, click here.



For even more information and helpful tips, visit Under YOUR Influence.




Lose the Booze

The Under Your Influence Web site ( has a great section focused on underage drinking resources. 

Check it out by clicking here.




Safe Driving Doesn't Take Luck. 
It Takes Practice!


During the month of the four-leafed clover, take some extra time to help your teen learn how to drive safely. 

Athletes practice for the big game, pianists practice for the big recital, actors practice for the big show, and students practice their answers for the big exam.  Why would driving be any different?

In order to become a safe driver, your teen needs lots and lots of practice, practice being done under YOUR influence! 

Click here to learn some tips on practicing with your teen.




Tips to Recognize the Presence of Alcohol and Other Drugs

How can you tell if your teen is using alcohol and other drugs?  Changes in mood and behavior is one of the warning signs, but that type of thing comes with just being a teenager, right?  What about changes in sleep habits, hobbies, and interests?

What should a parent look for?

To learn more about the warning signs that alcohol and other drugs may be affecting the life of your teen, click here.

And, remember, alcohol IS a drug, too!




Zero Tolerance Peer Education Training Materials Available
Girl Drinking

Research has shown that peer education is an effective way to influence choices young people make about drinking and driving.  The National Association of Peer Program Professionals has created an educational kit that provides all the materials student leaders need to conduct an educational session for younger students about zero tolerance laws and underage drinking and driving. 

The materials are designed to encourage high school students to work closely with local law enforcement officers to prepare and present educational sessions.  This curriculum was piloted in Florida with a NOYS group from NAPPP, SADD, School Resource Officers, and BACCHUS and GAMMA.  

See to learn more!




Binge Drinking:  Changing
Attitudes About Alcohol

The State of Nebraska is undertaking what's being described as a groundbreaking study examining young adults' attitudes about alcohol.  The idea is to learn from the data and change behavior so Nebraska isn't such a heavy binge drinking state.

A 4-page survey comes from the State of Nebraska DMV and Health and Human Services.  What does the state hope to accomplish with it?

"We're trying to focus in on the behavior," says Dr. JoAnn Schaffer with Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services.  "Before you can change a behavior, you need to know what the attitudes are."

To learn more, click here.




UF Researchers:  Alcohol, Energy Drinks Create Higher Intoxication Levels, Increased Driving Risk

Energy drinks, favored among young people for the beverages' caffeine jolt, also play a lead role in several popular alcoholic drinks, such as Red Bull and vodka.  But combining alcohol and energy drinks may create a dangerous mix, according to University of Florida research.

In a study of college-aged adults exiting bars, patrons who consumed energy drinks mixed with alcohol had a threefold increased risk of leaving a bar highly intoxicated and were four times more likely to intend to drive after drinking than bar patrons who drank alcohol only.

To learn more about the study, click here.




Drunk and Drugged Driving Web Links

Check out these helpful links related to underage drinking, drugs, and drunk driving.  Create your own "parental toolbox" of resources when it comes to talking with your teen about the dangers of drinking or doing drugs and getting behind the wheel!

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration






Girl Drinking
buzzed driving

Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving

All too often, someone gets behind the wheel, thinking it's OK to
drive because they're "buzzed", not drunk. 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration wants everyone to know that buzzed driving is, in fact, just as dangerous as drunk driving. 
Buzzed driving is drunk driving. 

To learn more about the national campaign Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving,
click here and here.




YOUR Teen Driver - YOUR Influence


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