Mrs. Jennifer Filer

Middle School Counselor

Grades 5 - 8

238-2656 ext. 9217

fax 238-0133

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 This will be my fifth year as the Middle School Counselor at Woodland and I am just as excited today as I was my first day!  I have been employed at Woodland for quite a while now, as I was previously a Reading Teacher's Assistant in the elementary.  My background is in psychology, mental health and counseling.  I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and a MA degree in Guidance and Counseling from Southeast Missouri State University, as well as a Psychological Examiners Certificate.  I am currently working on an Education Specialist Degree in Counseling.

I am a Bollinger County native and have spent all of my school years at Woodland.  I feel so connected to this community and this school.  I truly love Woodland and want each student to feel as proud to be a part of our school community as I do!  I am dedicated to helping each student succeed through classroom guidance, individual counseling, as well as small group counseling.

I have three sons, Dillon, Landon, and Brogan.  They will be Woodland Alumni someday as well!  I am married to Craig and love spending time with my family.  I am an avid reader and love crafting, scrap booking and camping on Castor River.

Every day as a school counselor is an adventure!  Each day I look forward to going to work and seeing all of the kids.  Please contact me at any time to discuss the success of your child.  I would love to hear from you!