Ms. Angie Batchelor



Class of 2017-18
Welcome to the world of Kindergarten where learning and imagination collide. Kindergarten is the place where your child learns both literacy skills and socialization skills. Your child will become a successful reader and writer by experiencing literacy skills. The Kindergarten reading program consists of Reading First, which consists of five components:  comprehension, fluency, phonemic awareness, phonics, and vocabulary.
Kindergarten Spring Music Program
Making Handprint Butterflies with Senior Buddies
Easter Fun
St. Patrick's Day Fun
Dr. Seuss Birthday Bash Activities
President's Day
100th Day of School
Valentine's Day Fun
STEAM Activity

Winter Lessons
Christmas Activities
Pet Rocks with Mrs. Balzer's LA Students
Senior Buddy Christmas Activities
Smokey the Bear 2017

Fun with our Senior Buddies
Special Awards in Kindergarten
Celebrating Color Days!
Fun Times in Kindergarten!
Constitution Day
Apples in Kindergarten
Learning the Alphabet