Student Council

 Mrs. Smith

           President: Carlee N.
         Vice President: Maverick W.
         Secretary: Angela D.
            President: Cheyenne W.
            Vice-President: Breanna B.
            Secretary: Morgan B.
            President: Abby N.
            Vice-President: Julie P.
            Secretary:Joseph M.
            President: Cuy M.
            Vice-President: Brandon B.
            Secretary: Alyssa
            President: Hudson B.
            Vice-President: Adam S
            Secretary: Leala V-P
    Additional Members:
          Public Relations/Historian: Faith S.
          Website Updates/Social Media Chair: Hailey R.
          Facilitators: Matt D., Caleb L., Jack N.  
Purpose: To act as the voice for fellow students to improve the school.
  •                 Homecoming
  •                 Blood Drive
  •                 Paint-A-Thon
  •                 Winter Sports
  •                 Discussing issues brought up by students (example: phones being allowed in homeroom)
  •                 Crossroads Service Project
  •                 Halloween Gratitude Buckets
  •                 Hosted Motivational Speaker on Leadership
  •                 Support Veteran's Day Celebration
  •                 Food Drive
  •                 Concession Stand