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All college-bound Seniors:

Your senior year will be very exciting, yet also very busy.  In order to keep yourself organized and on top of things, please use the Senior Checklist.  This will guide you through the college admissions process, scholarships, college visits, and testing. 


All college-bound Juniors:

Use the Junior Checklist to guide you through the steps you need to take as a Junior to ensure a smooth transition into college.  Next year will be very busy, so make sure to start the college planning process now!




Juniors and Seniors:

If you are planning on going to college after high school, you should register to take the ACT test (non-coastal schools) or the SAT (east or west coast schools).  Juniors should take this for the first time in the Spring of their Junior year; Seniors should take it as soon as possible if they haven’t taken it yet.  It is almost always advisable to take the exam twice.



The PSAT test is given to Juniors once a year and is not mandatory.  Check out PSAT’s website for more information about who should take the exam, what it covers, and what it is used for!  The test is ALWAYS given in mid-October, so watch for the announcements to register.


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Contact Info:

Mr. Tim Marshall (K-12 Guidance, JH G BBall, & HS Golf)


 Iowa College Aide Commission

I Have a Plan Iowa

 Our School Code is 164-735

ACT Testing


FAFSA On-line


Iowa College Planning Center


SAT Testing

Code: 164-735


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