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Special Events & Programs

Our introductory offer is sure to please. Receive one week of Taekwondo instruction from highly-skilled master instructors. Receive a FREE Taekwondo uniform and belt. Receive all the benefits that training the body, mind and spirit provides. All for only $19.95! Please call now to find out more: 817 244-6720.
Welcome Back Former Members

If you've trained with us in the past, but haven't attended in a while, please take adavntage of our welcome back offer. Call today for more information!
Martial Arts Birthday Party!

We all know how important fitness is to good health, but finding a program that motivates
to continue is a constant challenge. Kicking, punching and blocking are not only fun to
practice, but these could prove to be life saving skills in our less than perfect world. That is why martial arts like Taekwondo provide so much for people. With an emphasis on the kicks, Taekwondo specifically helps men, women and children to gain fitness and proficiency using the legs, which are more powerful for defense purposes and become nicely conditioned as a result of training. And the wonderful friends that you will make at the dojang (martial arts school) are only an added bonus. Learn from the best! Grandmaster Park has over 50 years of experience in the martial art of Taekwondo, and he has produced the finest instructors.