About School

The Won Park Institute was founded in 1968 in Seoul, South Korea by Grandmaster Won Chik Park. Grandmaster Park trained in the Taekwondo Jidokwan tradition and has continued to train students in this honorable heritage. His school was moved to the United States in 1972, where it remained in Detroit, Michigan until 1978 when the school was relocated permanently to Fort Worth, Texas. The school has been thriving in this city ever since.

The Won Park Institute of Taekwondo has produced so many fine students. Grandmaster Won Park's highest ranking student, Grandmaster Roy Kurban, is now an 8th degree black belt. Several master instructors have come from the school, many of whom continue to teach, train and grow in the wisdom of Taekwondo. Altogether, the black belts that have come from the school are too many to count. But one thing is sure, a black belt from the Won Park Institute of Taekwondo is something students can be very proud to earn.
The students of the school are especially fortunate to train under Grandmaster Park's supervision. To receive instruction from a Taekwondo expert with over 55 years of experience is a unique offering you will not find in many places across the globe. Classes are formed based on age and mastery and are catered to the individual's needs and skills.

The Won Park Institute also stays involved with the Fort Worth community. The school's Demonstration Team participates at the Annual Mayfest Celebration and other local gatherings.

Won Park Institute hosts the annual Fort Worth International Taekwondo Championship, which is one of largest competitions in the United States of America. As recognized by a City of Fort Worth Official Proclamation that the third week in October is Taekwondo Week.