The Wolfopedia

Welcome to your future.

Welcome, to the place where dreams come true. The path here is easy, but you control your destiny.

While visiting this page, you will be presented with information that will help you become a successful trader and break the chains of wage slavery.

A basic knowledge of the market is expected. If you don't know, that's ok! But to keep the quality of the experience for everyone at a high level, you will be expected to do some research on your own.

By far, the biggest resource you have is Investopedia.

It is easy to find the terms talked about by doing a quick search in your favorite search engine and adding Investopedia to the end of that phrase (I.E. Rising Wedge Investopedia).

The biggest thing to remember is to relax and not to over trade. Calls will not be 100% accurate every time. If we had a Crystal Ball that told the future, we would all be billionaires. You will not see growth everyday, and that's ok! We're focused on the big picture here.

"As soon as you stop trying to get rich quick, you will get rich quick." -The Wolf