Vision & Mission

Vision - My Ultimate Destination

My vision, over the next five years, is to become a facilitator who provides the students with the proper resources needed in order to take charge of their own learning. This is the vision of my flipped classroom. This model successfully integrates inquiry and technology in a manner that personalizes the academic and social experiences of each individual student. Student will progress through the course at their individual paces and will be evaluated through mastery and standards based grading. These experiences will provide students with 21st century skills that will help them become life long learners.

Mission - How I plan on arriving at my destination

My mission, over the next five years, is to generate experiences that enhance academic rigor, collaboration, and ultimately student growth by integrating the use of technology, inquiry, and mastery within my flipped classroom model.

Flipped Classroom Prezi 

I created this prezi presentation to describe why I want to flip my classroom. I presented it to my department and the director of instruction. 

Flipped Classroom Structure

This document highlights the structure/formatting of my flipped classroom. 

Structure of my Flipped Classroom

Flipped Classroom Progression 

This document progression of my flipped classroom over the next five years. 

Progression of my Flipped Classroom