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CEDO 599 Culminating Experience: Digital Futures

Course Description

CEDO 599 Culminating Experience:  Digital Futures  

This capstone course is designed to examine emerging instructional technologies. It will identify and examine possible technology futures and trends.  Students will explore the latest cutting edge technologies, how they may be applied and their potential impact on education, business and life.   

Additional Information:  This course is intended to help class members develop a “futurist” approach to dealing with technological change so that as they learn a technology they will think insightfully about its worth and its potential impact.  

My Technology Artifacts

I chose to use my project outline and my class website as my artifacts for CED 599. The objective of this course was to create a project that we can utilize within our profession while showcasing what we have learned throughout this masters program. I chose to focus on creating and managing lessons for my flipped classroom for the 2012-2013 school year. My project outline contains SMART goals that describe the steps that I took to create my lessons. I encourage you to read the project outline and then view my lessons within my class website below. 

This course provided me with a great opportunity. It was incredibly valuable to work on something that I can utilize in my future. I am very excited to take what I learned from this program and integrate it into my career. I look forward to obtaining feedback from my students and colleagues to continue improving the aspects of my flipped classroom. 

My Project Outline

CED 599 Project Outline

My Class Website

Carl Bauhs' Chemistry Moodle