Biography:  Create an original biography of yourself. It should include a description of the important events in your life and a self-portrait or photo of yourself.

Position Paper: Revise any of your position papers.

Personal Essay: Revise any of your essays, or write a new essay on the topic of your choice.

Poetry: Revise your poetry from our Identity or Poetry units, or write a new poem.

Business Letter: Revise any of your business letters.

Map: Revise your map from our Immigration or Economic Decision Making units.   

Script: Revise your script from our Drama unit, or write a new script.

Visual: Revise any of your advertisements from our Consumerism or Immigration units or any of the visuals you created for the Identity unit.

Worst Writing: Include one or more unrevised samples of work which you feel represent your worst work this year. Consider how you have improved.

Year-end Reflective Essay: Create an original essay which:

  • explains the units, projects, and activities you have liked or disliked this year

  • describes how you have grown as a reader and writer

  • states your future goals and aspirations    

Optional Items: Revise or create any additional items that you wish.

June 8: Create Portfolio - (Biography Home Page)
June 9Writing Portfolio (Collect Artifacts)
June 10Writing Portfolio (Revise Artifacts)
June 11Writing Portfolio (Create Rationales)
June 12PD Day

June 15: Year End Reflective Essay
June 16Year End Reflective Essay
June 17: Plan presentation Focus/Final touch-ups/Practice
June 18: Portfolio Presentations
June 19Portfolio Presentations