School Counselor

Pam Ingram has had the pleasure of serving as the school counselor at Wells Elementary School for over 30 years. She received her undergraduate and masters degree from Eastern Illinois University. Pam has also earned a Certificate of Advanced Study from the University of Southern Maine. Pam can be reached at 646-5953 or

Social Worker   

Kathy Mitchell, LCSW is the social worker at WES. Kathy can be reached at 646-5953 or

Direct Services for Students:

Individual school-based counseling support is available to all students in grades K-4.  We receive referrals from parents, teachers, administrators and students.  

Pam Ingram, school counselor, offers support to those students who may be struggling with school-based problems or issues such as learning disabilities, study skills or friendship issues.

Kathy Mitchell, school social worker, works with children most often around more home-based and behavioral issues such as divorce, loss in the family, substance abuse and mental health.

It is understood that both emotional and learning based issues can often interfere with a child's performance at school.  It is our hope that we can help children perform to their potential and help them to have a positive school experience.

Group Counseling Support 

Small group counseling support is offered at Wells Elementary School. Group topics vary, but most often focus on coping with anxiety, anger management strategies, friendship skills, and coping with ADHD. Groups typically meet once a week for four to six weeks. Typically student referrals for group participation are made through the classroom teacher. Parents are also welcome to contact either the social worker or school counselor to discuss potential group participation for their child.

Classroom Guidance Program

The “Second Step” and “Steps to Respect” programs are taught by Pam Ingram, school counselor, in grades kindergarten through fourth grade. “Second Step” is used in kindergarten through third grade. Lessons focus on three major areas: empathy training, impulse control/problem solving, and anger management. “Steps to Respect” is taught in the fourth grade. Lessons from this program address bully prevention and assertiveness skills.

For more detailed information about either the “Second Step” or “Steps to Respect” program please visit