Wells Ogunquit Science Department- Mr. Demos

Wells High School Mission Statement
 "Our mission is to empower all students through individualized instruction to become literate critical

thinkers and problem solvers committed to civic engagement".

Thanks for taking time to visit my website.  I am always welcoming suggestions to make this site more user-friendly so please feel free to make suggestions for improvements.

Your critical thinking skills and academic strengths in many of your other areas of study will serve you well in my class.  Besides teaching AP Chemistry/AP Physics/Physics/Engineering, I have spent time in the aerospace sciences on active missile guidance, refractory carbon composites, and microwave component design.  I am also an acoustic jazz/electronic musician and composer.  I hope to engage your interests as they apply to our work in class, and I look forward to working with you.

My approach to science appreciates that even though science can help us answer questions, the real challenge can be in finding the right questions to ask.

Please take time to review my guide to the SCIENCE and ENGINEERING PRACTICES!  This gives you a window into my classes, teaching philosophy and pursuit of the WOCSD Vision of the Graduate.

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