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About Me:

I am a Wells native and starting my seventh year teaching at Wells Junior High. This year, I will be teaching Math, Science, and Social Studies. I graduated from Wells High School and attended the University of Southern Maine where I received my Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Education. As well as teaching, I also coach the 8th-grade girl's basketball team and the Junior Varsity Softball team for WHS. 

I am looking forward to a great year with your students!

Contact Me:
The best way to reach me is through email at squint@wocsd.org. 

Course Descriptions:

Math - The math program that will be used in fifth grade is called Eureka Math. This is an interactive program designed by the state of NY to align to national standards in mathematics. As an added benefit, the program is completely online, allowing teachers, students, and families access to all materials from the internet. This program has a strong emphasis on place value, including decimals to the thousandths. Fractions, decimals, and percents are examined at a deep level. Geometry concepts of area and volume, as well as properties of shapes and angles, are also central to this program. 

Social Studies - Grade 5 Social Studies is a half-year course. We begin the journey of American history, covering 3 major units along the way. Unit 1 begins with Native American cultures, followed by Geography terms, and culminating with Early European Explorers. Unit 2 focuses on the founding and settling of the original 13 colonies, with a particular emphasis on what life was like in the New England colonies. Finally, our journey ends in Unit 3 with the study of the major causes and effects leading up to the American Revolution. 

Science - The students have science for half a year in fifth grade. Our focus this year is on ecology, astronomy, and Earth science. In ecology, we study how organisms interact with their environment. Earth science focuses on the makeup and workings of Earth. In our astronomy unit, we look at Earth's place in the universe. 

ELA- Grade 5 ELA consists of writing and reading skills. Some of the writing skills we will be learning are persuasive pieces, narratives, and research essays. Reading will consist of reading short passages from our Reading Street anthologies, close reading strategies, and novels. Some skills that we will be working on during reading are making inferences, expanding vocabulary, using evidence to support our thinking, and understanding figurative language in a text. We will also be reading non-fiction articles from Scholastic News Magazine. 

Here are some helpful websites for access to student grades, math practice, and math curriculum information: