Course syllabus for Spanish 1, 2 & French 2 (updated 9/1/16)

Michelle Murphy
Voice mail: ext. 2313

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Welcome to Foreign Language!            Academic year 2016-2017

Block 1:  Study hall---student commons, first floor
Block 2: Planning period
Block 3:  Spanish 1
Block 4:  Spanish 1
Block 5:  Spanish 2
Block 6:  French 2

Below is the syllabus that is given to all of my students.  Feel free to made a copy!

Welcome to Foreign Language! Academic year 2016-2017

Mrs. Murphy


Voice mail: ext. 2313

**I use Jupiter Grades email for daily correspondence. Make sure to check on a regular basis.**

I am looking forward to getting to know you or see you again over the course of the school year. This course disclosure should serve as a guideline to you, the student, for what to expect in this class.

Course Objectives: To provide students with the necessary tools to effectively communicate in a global environment, both verbally and through writing and facilitate an understanding of the importance of bilingualism in today’s society. Furthermore, assist students in gaining insight into Hispanic /Francophone culture by demonstrating cross-cultural ties and cultivating an interest in current events. Finally, I will strive to ensure that students have adequate preparation for moving on to the next level by the end of the year.

Grading criteria:

Your grade each trimester for this class will be based on the following topics:

Writing activities & projects: 25%

**You will be give the criteria and due dates for these. There will be time given in class to work on these.**

Tests & quizzes: 25%

**You will know in advance when a test or quiz is being given.**

Homework & in-class assignments: 25%

**Assignments will be on the board and reminders will also be sent through Jupiter Grades email.**

          I expect it to be completed on-time and with quality. MOST of the time we will go over homework in class so make sure you have it done the next day. Come for help if you don't understand the homework.

Grades you will receive:

+ =100 excellent job, few errors

✓ = 85 good, reasonable amount of errors

V- = 70 poor, lots of errors, little effort

0 = not complete, plagiarism, extremely poorly done

Speaking & listening activities: 25%

**You will have time to practice in class before presenting and plenty of practice with listening activities.**

**If at any time you feel you are not being challenged, please see me and I'll get you started on assignments that will accelerate your learning.**

**Please be forewarned that I do not believe in extra credit assignments & projects.**

Items you will need for class:

  • You will need a three-ring binder, either 1.5 or 2”, whichever you prefer (no spiral-bound notebooks please) If you have trouble getting a binder, please see me.

  • Notebook paper

  • Pens and/or pencils

Class Expectations

  1. Be RESPECTFUL of yourself, the teacher, others and different beliefs/customs. This refers to not talking out of turn and not distracting others either by talking to them or touching their personal belongings.

  2. Be ON TIME for class. This means in your seat and ready to begin work at the start of class. Please take care of personal needs before entering the classroom.

  3. Be PREPARED everyday. This means having your binder and a pen or pencil ready for note-taking and/or activities. Also, by having materials mentioned in previous classes for a specific day.

  4. TAKE NOTES! This means copying information written on the board or overhead when you are in class

  5. LISTEN when the teacher or others are speaking

  6. PARTICIPATE/CONTRIBUTE to class in a positive way. Give it a whirl and do your best!

  7. Don’t wait until it’s too late, ASK FOR HELP IMMEDIATELY, if you need it. Don’t wait until the day before an exam. Your success is very important to me and I am always willing to help you during my free periods and after school.


  • DISHONESTY- I expect you to do your own work and will not tolerate cheating in any form. I define cheating as giving or receiving answers to another on assignments, copying, using cheat sheets, giving information about tests or quizzes outside of class, lying, looking on another’s work, and talking during tests or quizzes, or cheating electronically (using a translator). Consequences of dishonesty will vary depending on the severity of the incident.

  • I will not dismiss class if there is trash on the floor or anywhere else

  • Please do not touch my computer, desk or decorative items displayed in the room

  • Cell phones will not be permitted in class, if they are used during class they will be confiscated

  • It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to make up work that you miss when you are absent. This includes tests, in-class activities and notes. Any in-class work will be in the step folder holder according to day and your language level. It is your responsibility to obtain those handouts and any notes taken from a classmate. If you have questions, please come see me as soon as possible.

  • Lateness: If a key assignment or project is not turned in on time, you will lose points for each school day that it is late. If it goes past a week late, I will no longer except it.

    • For excused absences, you will be allotted the same amount of days you were absent to turn in work

    • non-completion of homework on the day it is due, will result in a zero

**Exceptions to these time frames will be decided on a case by case basis.

  • Bathroom/drinking fountain- There will be a sheet near the door that you need to sign out on. Only one person will be permitted out of the room at a time and you need to ask me prior to leaving. I will check the sheet frequently, if people fail to sign out or if this privilege is being abused, it will cease except for emergencies.

*People who do not do as well in my class as they should demonstrate one or more of the following:

- They have too many absences

- They do not pay attention and are ill prepared

- They do not turn in or make up work within the deadlines

- They waste time in class

- They do not participate in a positive manner

Disciplinary action: Students who misbehave once will receive a verbal warning. The second time will be an automatic 20 minute teacher detention and I will call home. You will need to make arrangements to stay after for your detention. If you skip your detention the time you serve will be doubled.

I reserve the right to amend the syllabus during the course of the year, in which case you will be notified.

If you or your parents should have any questions please feel free to contact me at school. Remember, I am here to help you succeed. I look forward to an exciting and productive school year!!

Please sign and have your parent/guardian sign below indicating that you have READ and UNDERSTOOD and AGREE to your responsibilities for language class. This portion of the course outline will need to be returned to me as your first homework assignment.

Student name: __________________________________________________

Student signature:_______________________________________________

Parent/Guardian signature:________________________________________

Teacher signature: Michelle Murphy

Contact info:

Name of mother:______________________________

Home phone #:_______________________ Work phone #:______________________

Email address:______________________________________________

Name of father:_______________________________

Home phone #:_______________________ Work phone #:______________________

Email address:______________________________________________

Student lives with:_________________________

I prefer to communicate by: _____email