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WHS Alternative Education Program Description  

The Alternative Education Program serves 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students who are not currently experiencing success in the traditional mainstream program in spite of additional supports available to them. Students may or may not be identified as “special needs”. The program is not designed to remediate extreme cases of violent or emotionally disturbed behavior. Common ideal placements include:

  • High ability, low motivation

  • Poor attendance and work completion

  • Limited ability, but not identified as special needs

  • General dislike for school, authority figures, rules, routine (O.D.D.)

  • Out of the box, creative thinkers with poor achievement

The goal of this program is to improve the student's self esteem, chances for success in school, and interest in post-secondary education. To enroll, we ask that the student fill out an application, have parent permission, and attend an interview conducted by members of the alternative education team.

This is an in house program offering smaller class sizes than those in mainstream and more individualized attention to student strengths and needs. The alternative courses focus on the content, knowledge and skills offered in their mainstream counterparts, but deliver the curriculum in the classroom rather than relying on large quantities of homework. The alternative courses offered are as follows:

Grade 10:

  • English 10: Mr. Andrew Lopez

  • Math: Mr. Chad McCormack

  • World After 1945: Ms. Ann Bechan

  • Biology: Mr. Lee McGlashan

Grade 11:

  • American Literature: Mr. Andrew Lopez

  • Math (if not taken in grade 10): Mr. Chad McCormack

  • US History. And Government: Mr. Matthew McKeown

Grade 12:

  • World Literature: Mr. Andrew Lopez

  • US History. And Government II (If not taken in Grade 11): Mr. Matthew McKeown

English 10 Syllabus

American Lit syllabus