Madame Quinton

French I - V

"Our mission is to empower all students through individualized instruction to become literate critical thinkers and problem solvers committed to civic engagement".

Contact Information: 2018 - 2019

Please have a 3-ring binder available for this class. It can be a 1-inch, or be shared with another class.

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Course Descriptions:

French 1 -

Units include Self Introduction, Friends and Family, Food, Pastimes, and Chores, Places in Your Town, House and Furnishings, Clothing and Body Parts.

French 2 -

Units include Self Introduction, Self Description, Town and House, Animals, and Past Activities.

French 3 -

Units include Clothing and Shopping, Past Tenses, Daily Routine and Reflexive Verbs, Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns, and Future and Conditional Tenses.

French 4 -

Regular and Irregular Verbs, Introductions, Reflexive Constructions, Future and Conditional Tenses, and the Subjunctive Mood. Lots of reading and speaking French.

French 5 -

Writing and performing skits, more grammar, lots of reading and writing in French.

Grading Policy:

My grading policy is as follows:

80% - Tests, Quizzes, and Projects. The majority of this is quizzes.

20% - Homework and classwork. Homework on time and complete - 100%, a day late and complete - 85%, not done - 0

Classwork is to be done

Respect your classmates and teacher.

Take part in classroom activities.

Final Exam:

We do have a final exam in grammar, reading, writing, listening, and speaking. This is 20% of your final grade in French.

Classroom Expectations:

Have a positive attitude and treat everyone with respect.

Be prepared with assignments, pens, pencils, and a readiness to participate.

Inappropriate comments and behavior will not be tolerated.

Believe in yourselves - I believe in you!

Ask for help anytime.

In accordance with the Wells High School Vision of the Graduate, language students will:

  • Demonstrate and expand proficiency in French according to the four domains of language (speaking, writing, listening reading) as expected by a Novice/Mid language learner
  • Interpret, critique and synthesize information
  • Engage in activities for social, academic, and cultural growth
  • Connect with people and resources to capitalize on learning experiences
  • Listen to alternative ideas and communicate responses cogently and respectfully