Wells Junior High School Special Services
Grade 5 Resource
Contact info
This is me, Beth Goodwin. This is how to contact me-
Email- egoodwin@wocsd.org
Phone- 646-5142 x3358
My prep block is 1:05-1:55, during the time that 5th graders are at Allied Arts.
My classroom phone goes directly to voicemail during the day. 
I check email several times a day and that is the best way to contact me. 
If it's an emergency, please call the WJHS office 646-5142. 
Room 135- the Grade 5 Resource Room- is located at the end of the 5th grade hall. 
Students who have an Individual Education Plan with services and goals for reading, writing, math, or executive function skills come to Room 135 to work on skills to support their IEP goals.          

Classroom Rules

Reading Skills
Students receive specially designed reading decoding, fluency, and reading comprehension instruction, and support for the Grade 5 reading curriculum. The resources we use include-
  • Visualizing and Verbalizing
  • Seeing Stars
  • Reading Streets (supporting the 5th grade reading program)
  • Vocabulary skills- click here for Vocabulary Spelling City

Writing Skills
This year students will focus on authentic writing and persuasive argument writing, and learning the digital tools to support effective writing
Click here for the Blog Squad 
Click here for Writing tools 4 all, my wiki for writing tools

Math Skills
Eureka Math is our 5th Grade mathematics curriculum. Students who receive specially designed math instruction will use a combination of Eureka curriculum and additional focused skills instruction and practice in order to meet IEP goals and WOCSD learning standards.
Click here for parent information to support your child's progress, and here for the Eureka curriculum.
NEW!!! Click here for a visual math dictionary

Executive Function (EF) skills
Organizing and planning, starting and completing work, time management, and regulating emotions can be especially challenging for students with ADD or ADHD. 

Cookie Monster learns to delay gratification

Student Resources
Common Sense Media
Minerva- Maine's on-line library

Parent Resources

Educational Technology
“For people without disabilities, technology makes things easier. 
For people with disabilities, technology makes things possible.” (Bryant & Bryant, 2002)
iPads, laptops and digital skills
iPads will be used by 5th grade students in the Resource Room for skills reinforcement, IEP goal work,  and accommodations. In addition, all 5th grade students are assigned a Chromebook for their use while at school.
Students use Google Drive and their k12wocsd.net address for research, writing, portfolios, and email.
Many 5th grade teachers are using Google  Classroom for instructional supports and communication.
These are some of the iPad apps we're currently using 
   Reading        Writing Math EF Presentation
Tic Tac Toe Phonics 
Spelling City
Phonics Genius
Kids Blog
Voice Search
Visual Dictionary
Times Tables
Buzz Math
Cookie Factory
Skip Math
Box Island
Google Calendar iMovie
Google Slides