Welcome to Fifth Grade!

I am Alice Meader. I teach fifth grade at Wells Junior High School. For the 2016 - 2017 school year, I am teaching science and reading. During the last 18 weeks of school, I will teaching social studies, as well.

Math - My students will have Sarah Quint for math. She will be using the Eureka Math Program.

Social Studies - Grade 5 Social Studies is a half year course. We begin the journey of American history, covering 3 major units along the way. Unit 1 begins with Native American cultures, followed by Geography terms, and culminating with Early European Explorers. Unit 2 focuses on the founding and settling of the original 13 colonies, with a particular emphasis on what life was like in the New England colonies. Finally, our journey ends in Unit 3 with the study of the major causes and effects leading up to the American Revolution. 

Science - The students have science for half a year in fifth grade. Our focus this year is on ecology, astronomy and Earth science. In ecology we study how organisms interact with their environment. Earth science focuses on the make up and workings of Earth. In our astronomy unit we look at Earth's place in the universe. 

Language Arts-Although reading and writing are interconnected, grade 5 Language Arts has two blocks. One block is primarily for writing, spelling, and grammar while the 2nd block is primarily reading and vocabulary. We continue to use the Scott Foresman Reading text Reading Streets along with the Spelling  workbooks. Our focus on writing will be on narrative and persuasive/informational writing. Reading involves vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency of short stories and novels, both fiction and nonfiction, through skill work as well as discussion and reflection.