The 3rd/4th grade curriculum is aligned with the Vermont Grade Level Expectations and the Common Core of Teaching Standards. For detailed information about these standards as they apply to each grade level, please visit the State of Vermont Department of Education website: Vermont Dept. of Education
Literacy in the 3rd and 4th grade classroom happens throughout the day and is integrated across the curriculum. However, during the morning block of time which we specifically call "Literacy", we concentrate on those areas which will advance reading comprehension, effective writing skills, and language usage.
The Reading Workshop is a central part of the reading curriculum in our classroom. It's structure is parallel to that of Writing Workshop. Reading Workshop includes:
  • Read-aloud with modeling/discussion/sharing
  • Sustained independent silent reading
  • Whole-class mini-lessons that introduce and focus reading strategies
  • Individual conferences and coaching
  • Small-group reading and strategy lessons
The ultimate goal of our reading program is to create an atmosphere of literacy that encourages all students to become lifelong readers.

Writing is a powerful form of communication and learning. It allows us to analyze and understand our thoughts, and to discover new ideas. When we write, we become aware of ourselves and define our connection to the world.
In Writing Workshop, students master the skills that will allow them to express ideas with clarity and competence. As they write, they follow the authentic process that writers use: prewriting, drafting, revising, editing and publishing. This process also incorporates opportunities for conferences, both with peers and the teacher.
The 3rd and 4th graders are assessed on the following models of writing: Narrative, Response to Literature, and Writing to Inform.

Grammar, usage and mechanics are taught within the context of our Writing Workshop. To supplement this work,
the 3rd and 4th graders use the Scholastic Spelling program which combines spelling concepts,grammar and language usage. We also incorporate the Wordly Wise program to encourage vocabulary development.


Engage New York

is a full K-6 curriculum that provides the tools, strategies, and materials teachers need to help students meet the Common Core State Standards for math.  This rigorous program blends problem-solving and skill-building in a clearly articulated curriculum that moves through each grade level with common models, teaching strategies, and objectives. For more information, please use the link below to visit the Engage New York website:
Science & Social Studies
Because we are a multi-grade classroom, we follow a 2-year looping curriculum. Our science curriculum places a heavy emphasis on the development of inquiry skills as well as scientific concepts. 

     Year 1 Year 2 -  Vermont
        Electric circuits
        Plate Tectonics
        Animal studies
        Simple machines
        Plant growth & development
 Social Studies:
        World geography
        North American Indians
 Social Studies:
        State history