Welcome to the Physical Education Program
Physical Education class occurs twice per week for once for 55 minutes and once for 25 minutes. The physical education
program is sequential, developmentally appropriate and in alignment with the National Association for
Sports and Physical Education. The physical education curriculum and assessments are aligned with
Standard 3.6 of the Vermont Framework for Standard and Learning Opportunities and with the Vermont
Physical Education Grade Expectations. The majority of physical education class time is spent in
moderate to vigorous physical activity. Currently, the PE teacher uses the Physical Best and President’s
Challenge programs. There is a focus on lifetime physical activity. Children receive instruction in
skiing, snowshoeing and skating as well as walking, jump rope, and dance. Sports are also taught during
the PE classes, for example: soccer, hockey, and bowling.
    The children’s safety is of paramount concern and equipment is replaced on a rotating schedule. As one
measure of safety, the PE teacher provides mouth guards for students to wear when engaged in activities
requiring that level of precaution. We are committed to improving the fitness of our students and do not
pull them from PE for other instruction.
    The curriculum equips students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for lifelong physical
activity. The curriculum offers students multiple opportunities to engage in a variety of lifetime physical
activities. The curriculum builds students’ competencies in their own physical abilities and thus
improves their self-confidence. The physical education program is closely coordinated with the overall
school health program. Physical education topics are integrated within other curricular areas. In
particular, the benefits of being physically active are linked with instruction about human growth,
development, and physiology in science classes and with instruction about personal health behaviors in
health education classes.
    Since the completion of the new gym at the Center School there are minimal interruptions to scheduled
physical education classes. Currently we are designing improvements to outside equipment to allow PE
classes to run concurrently with recess, without sharing space. Students have Physical Education class
twice per week and should wear appropriate clothing for fitness activities on those days. This should
include appropriate footwear. In an effort to protect the new gym floor, all children will be required to
wear sneakers or non-marking court shoes during indoor physical education class.
    The physical education program includes all students, unless otherwise contraindicated medically. The
physical education teacher has the data on each student’s fitness level, height & weight, and general
statistics; this information is available to parents on request.

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