Student Support Services

25 Cherry Street, Bellows Falls, VT  05101  Phone 802.463.1612 - Fax 802.463.4652

Special Education expands the continuum of educational services for students identified with a disability per the Vermont State Board of Education Manual of Rules and Practices.  All students with disabilities receive an equitable education addressing their individual needs to achieve their fullest potential in academics, social/emotional development, and life skills. The goal of Student Support Services is to lead students toward personal independence, post-secondary education and/or employment. Special Education services are embedded in each school working alongside classroom and academic support educators to provide appropriate opportunities within the multi-tiered systems of support. Collaboration allows students to access special education services as well as to access general education instruction and their grade-level peers. Every effort is made to provide an inclusive education. ​

Andrew Haas ~ Director of Student Support Services ~ 106

Stacey Alexander ~ Assistant Director of Student Support Services ~ 124

Kate Bashaw  Administrative Assistant ~ 107

Shawna Coutu  Special Education Financial Assistant ~ 112

Sue-Ann Hindes 
~ Medicaid Specialist ~ 108


Michael Herrington ~ LEA/Case Manager for Out of District Students ~ 130


Skye Payne ~ District Psychologist ~ 117

Jennifer Heidbrink ~ Licensed Mental Health Counselor ~ 121