Interested in the SBAC assessment?
Please click this link to explore a sample seventh grade English/language arts SBAC assessment. Notice the format is very different than NECAP or past paper, Scantron, and pencil tests. 
From the link:
1. Click "sign in"
2. Select student "grade 7"
3. Click "yes"
4. Look to the green boxes on the right and select "Start G7 ELA Practice Test"
5. Give it a try!
Please use the categories in the upper left corner to find what you may need.     
                                                                 (802) 436-4633 x405                                                           

Literature Circles

Check out this article to see the benefits reading aloud can have on reading skills. 

Based on their interest and reading level, students selected books they would like to read and evaluate; all books reinforce or introduce the social studies topics of abolition or the Civil War itself.

Ask your child which book he/she selected!