Art at the Elementary Level is discovery, experience and experimentation.  Each child is working at his or her own level while learning new skills and expanding on acquired ones.  

  Kindergarten        First            Second            Third          Fourth

Kindergarten - The goal of the visual arts program at the kindergarten level is to provide students with opportunities to practice and explore processes, tools and the language of art.  Students will practice and strengthen fine motor skills through using a variety of tools and gain competence in basic art making skills.  Units will include: Color, shape,  line and texture.  Students will use observation, memory and imagination to create art.

Grades 1 & 2 - Students continue to work with line, shape and color, furthering their understanding of the descriptive capacity of these basic art elements.  Texture and pattern in art will be introduced as well as primary and secondary colors. Students begin to think about the meaning of art and its use in conveying a feeling, idea or thought.  Students develop the art vocabulary of media, genre and techniques.  Telling a story, conveying a feeling and using art to show beauty in the world, is explored through making, looking at, and talking about art.  Students reflect on the art making process.

Grades 3 & 4 - In third and fourth grades, students will be introduced to the use of value, form and volume in looking at and making art. Their understanding of line, color and shape are extended to include ideas of movement, color as warm and cool, complementary colors, and the contrasting of organic and geometric shapes.  Space, scale and proportions are explored. Students look at discuss art from different cultures,times and places comparing the role of artists and reasons for making art.  Central to our work is the exploration of where artists get their ideas: memory, imagination, observation and knowledge. Students learn about critique and revision.

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