8th Grade Language Arts 2016-2017

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We'll be reading House of the Scorpion to allow students to practice skills and use knowledge across many areas: science - genetics, DNA and cloning, social studies - government styles.

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Overview Topics of Study






8 Reading Literature

8.RL.01 - Cite strongest evidence to analyze what text says explicitly and what it infers

8.RL.02 - Determine a theme or central idea; provide an objective summary

8.RL.03 - Analyze how dialogue or events propel action/reveal character/provoke decisions

8.RL.04 - Determine meanings in text, including analogies or allusions to other texts

8.RL.05 - Compare two or more texts; analyze how each text differs in meaning/style

8.RL.06 - Analyze how points of view of the characters and reader create suspense/humor

8.RL.07 - Analyze how a filmed or live production of a story is faithful to the text

8.RL.09 - Analyze how modern fiction uses elements from myths/folklore/religious works

8.RL.10 - Read and comprehend literature independently and proficiently

8 Writing

8.W.03 - Write narratives using effective technique/details/well-structured events

8.W.03a - Engage the reader with a context and introducing a narrator/characters

8.W.03b - Use techniques, such as dialogue/pacing/description/reflection

8.W.03c - Use a variety of transitions to convey sequence and shifts in time or setting

8.W.03d - Use precise words, descriptive details, and sensory language

8.W.03e - Provide a conclusion that reflects narrated experiences or events

8.W.04 - Produce writing in which the development/organization/style are appropriate
8.W.05 - Develop writing by planning, revising, editing, rewriting, or a new approach
8.W.06 - Use technology to produce and publish writing and collaborate with others

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