The function of CFG (Consolidated Federal Grant) classes is to provide Tier 2 interventions school-wide.  Ms. Jane McAllister is the math CFG teacher.

Students are chosen to attend CFG support classes based on:
  • Teachers’ recommendations
  • Report card grades
  • NECAP scores
  • AIMSweb assessments in math fluency and computation
  • Parents’ requests

Parents will be notified by letter and/or a phone call from the math classroom teacher or the
math CFG teacher.
Students are grouped based on their targeted skills needed for mastery.  A pre-test is given, targeted skills practiced, progress monitored weekly, and a final post-test assessment is given.  CFG classes last approximately 6 weeks after which the selection process is repeated with new groups formed.
Students in each grade have Learning Opportunities the same period with some not even having a Learning Opportunities period if they are in art plus, band or chorus.  This necessitates having to pull some students from UA's, social studies or science.  Students are NOT taken from math, reading or language arts, the NECAP tested subjects, so they are getting a “double dose” of math.  Students will receive a report regarding their progress, participation and effort in the CFG class.

Thank you for encouraging your child to make the best use of this valuable CFG time.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jane McAllister, the CFG math teacher, at 802-463-4366 ext. 346 or jane.mcallister@wnesu.com