Teacher -- Wendy Johnson

Grafton's Physical education program provides regular moderate to vigorous exercise for students through a variety of sports, games and lifetime physical activities. Activities support the National Physical Education Standards for developing the knowledge, skills, fitness, attitudes and confidence to pursue and enjoy a lifetime of physical activity.  Students learn to assess their own physical fitness abilities, set goals, and use their physical activity knowledge and skills to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  They practice to improve an array of motor skills, movement patterns, and sports tactics and strategies through participation in small-sided activities, group games, individual and team sports, and lifetime physical activity opportunities. The Physical Education curriculum is designed to present a range of age appropriate activities to students and to educate them about the benefits and importance of physical activity throughout one’s life.  Equal emphasis is placed on participation, fitness, sport skills, and fun, as well as related fitness and health concepts, and the social- emotional benefits from participating in physical activity.

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                                                                                                Click link to view Snowshoe Line Dance Video: 5-6th Grade ~ Line Dance
                                                                                                Click for 4th Grade Snowshoe Dance ~ Line Dance _4