GES Counseling Office

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Thank you for visiting the Grafton Elementary School Counselor's page! There are pages about Social Emotional Learning in the classroom, links to the curricula we use, links to resources in the community and on the web for parents, and a page just for kids!

The Grafton Elementary School Counseling program strives to ensure a safe environment in which a comprehensive guidance program supports all students in reaching their full academic, career, and social/emotional potential. The program strives to promote all areas of student health (social, emotional & physical) and enhance students' achievement by delivering services that assist students in acquiring skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed to become capable students, responsible citizens, and lifelong learners in an ever-changing world.

Elementary School Counselors help children...

Understand the self and develop a positive self-image

Manage emotional challenges to better access their learning

Take responsibility for their personal health and well being

Develop effective social relationships with peers and adults

Be caring individuals who show care and respect for others

Understand the decision-making process

Make sound moral decisions

Gain an understanding of the world of work

Be prepared to make the transition to middle school

Start to think about their educational path