BFUHS English Department

Welcome to the BFUHS English Department.

We offer a wide variety of courses at varying levels that address student interests and skills. The English staff works hard to stay fresh in our content and infuse life and energy into our classes.

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Phone (802) 463-3944

Katy Emond

katy.emond ext. 248

Holly Falzo (AEP)

holly.falzo ext. 244

Stuart Strothman

stuart.strothman ext. 208

Judy Palmer-Guest

judy.palmerguest ext. 252

Sarah Kovach

sarah.kovach ext. 264

Tiffany Tobin

Department Coordinator

tiffany.tobin ext. 277

Kim Lunna

kim.lunna ext. 240

Honors Summer Assignments for the 2021-2022 School Year:

If you have any questions about the Honors Assignments, please contact the teacher whose name is listed next to the class.

Honors English 9- Mrs. Palmer-Guest

Advanced Placement English- Mrs. Palmer-Guest

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