• The goal of the  Alternative Education program (AEP) at Bellows Falls Union High School is to meet the needs of regular education students who are not successful in the traditional high school setting. The AEP is an alternative learning environment designed to reduce the number of high school dropouts, help students earn a BFUHS diploma, and better prepare students  to enter the world of work or continued education. Students who attend the AEP are held to the same graduation requirements as those in the traditional classroom setting. The program is based on an individual tutorial program where the teachers serve as education “facilitators”or “coaches” to help students achieve their academic goals. Although the delivery methods may differ, teachers in the AEP work very closely with faculty and/or department heads at BFUHS to offer the same curriculum as the traditional high school. Students enter the AEP by completing an application process, which is reviewed by the Educational Support Team (EST).

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  • The AEP believes all students can be successful if they communicate with those around them, attend school, are willing to work hard and are supported. Our goals are the following:

    • To increase student attendance.
    • To foster the abilities students will need to function in typical education and employment situations.
    • To provide a safe structure, yet flexible environment for students to promote learning.
    • To establish a trusting relationship with students and their families to promote learning.
    • To increase community involvement between students and community members.
    • To provide each student with his/her own educational plan so they can meet individual educational goals.
    • To promote student selection of healthy choices.
    • To increase accountability among students and impose consequence when necessary.
    • To foster the ability to work independently and ask for help when needed.
    • To enhance students self esteem.
    • To assist students in utilization of human resources available to them (ex: WIC Fuel Assistance Programs, Health Care Programs)

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  • A Typical Day in AEP

    -AEP starts promptly at 8:00am and goes through the end of the regular school day, 2:45.

    -Students must arrive on time and make up time if they arrive tardy.

    -Most  students remain in the AEP classroom the entire da, however some are scheduled through the guidance office to take classes outside in the traditional high school setting.

    -Snack/break time is at 9:40 and Lunch is at 11:00.

    -A student who is in AEP full time will not follow the traditional block scheduling format. They work at their own pace in their assigned classes within the AEP.

    -Students who take classes outside of the AEP follow a modified block schedule.

  • QUOTES FROM THE AEP STUDENTS AEP makes it easier to focus, and I can work at my own pace. I like AEP because I'm in one room all day, and I can focus with ...
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  • Students are expected to:

    • Complete a contract which outlines course information and attendance procedures.

    • Fill out their “bluebook”( an assignment book in which their weekly lessons  are listed.) Work is given on the first day of the week (typically Monday); expected completion is the last day of each week ( typically Friday.)

    • Attend school every day unless s/he has   one of the four legal reasons for absence (see student handbook).

      • If a student is   absent from AEP/School:

        • S/he or their parent should call to inform us of the absence. This must happen for each day that s/he is   absent.

        • Within 24 hours of her/his return to school,  s/he should bring in a note from a parent or guardian explaining the  absence. This note will be recorded with the attendance office.

        • The note must state one of the four legal reasons to be absent that is stated in the  student handbook, in order to be counted as excused. *A doctor’s note may be requested.

        • If a note is not brought in the day following an absence, it will be recorded as an unexcused absence.

    • Arrive on time every day, and be prepared to make up time for any tardiness.

      • AEP starts promptly at 8:00 AM.  

        • Students who attend  RVTC in the morning,  are expected to be in the AEP classroom no later than 10:20 AM.  

        • Students who attend RVTC in the afternoon, are excused from AEP at 11:00 AM for lunch before they  leave for the Tech. Center.

      • If a student is tardy to AEP

        • S/he  should contact us to let us know s/he  is going to be late.

        • S/he  should  have a note explaining the tardiness.

    • Take responsibility for actions, words and behavior.

    • Be honest.

    • Be productive.

    • Show respect for self, others and surroundings.

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  • THE APPLICATION You can get an application from Mrs. LaRoss in the Guidance Office.  Completed applications should be returned to her, as well.
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