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We hope that you'll use this page to support your child's success in the 
2016-17 school year.

On this team website, you will find the 7th grade homework calendar as well as links to individual teachers' websites.  We will try our best to keep all of these up to date but if you have any questions regarding your student, please contact us. 

Matthew Harris (Math): matthew.harris@wnesu.com

Christy Jennett (ELA): christy.jennett@wnesu.com

Cliff Des Marais (SS): cliff.desmarais@wnesu.com 

Deyna Roebuck (Science): deyna.roebuck@wnesu.com

Alexis Esposito (ELA/World Languages): alexis.esposito@wnesu.com

Susan Rugg (Special Education): susan.rugg@wnesu.com