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     For more than half a century now, the Methodist Churches of WNC and Scandinavia have shared a special relationship and partnered in a wonderful mission of faith and cultural exchange known as the Scandinavian Caravan.  WNCC young adults have traveled to Northern Europe sharing their faith stories, their lives and the love of Christ with Methodist congregations throughout Scandinavia.  And in recent years, the caravan has also included the former Soviet states of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. 

     This summer, the churches of WNC will serve as
 hosts to these young missionaries from June 30th through August 4th.   Our missionaries will stay with "host families" in local churches during their 4-5 week mission, enabling them to learn new customs, experience different faith expressions and make new, life-long friends.  

     If your church is interested in serving as a "host church", please fill out the attached application and return it to Rev. Al Beck, 626 Medlin Road Franklin, NC  28734 or go to the Conference Website and click on the Scandinavian Caravan under Missions & Outreach for an application. In order to establish the optimum itinerary for our Scandinavian guests, the Application deadline is May 15th. Please see Caravan Host application in attachment list below.
The giving arm of the United Methodist Church's mission program
is called "The Advance."  100% of funds given through The Advance go towards the intended project. 
hurches may support any Advance Special. Go to the webpage to find information about different Advance Specials.  However, the following Advance Specials have been lifted out as ones especially connected to WNCC work:

Salary Support for Mission Personnel related to the WNCC:


        Dwaine Morgan, MRC, Mooresville Advance # 982923


Vickie Sigmon, Open Arms Ministry, Winston-Salem Advance # 982916-8


Gordon Graner, Thio Rancho Project, Bolivia Advance # 010835Z


Clara Biswas, Street Children, Cambodia Advance # 13952Z


Ardell Graner, Thio Rancho Project, Bolivia Advance # 010836Z


Esther Gitobu, VIM Coordinator, Cambodia Advance # 013959Z


Randy Hildebrant, Youth Ministry, The Jubilee Project, Tennessee Advance # 982961


Nicholas Gitobu Kithinji, Area Financial Executive, Cambodia Advance # 13077Z


Fran Lynch, Church & Community Worker, Alaska Advance # 982950


Glenn Rowley, State-side assignment Advance # 009682Z


Poto Valentine Shutsha, Wings of Caring, DR Congo Advance # 14163Z


Jacques Akasa Umembudi, Wings of Caring, DR Congo Advance # 14020Z


Mary Zigbuo, Special Needs Ministries, Liberia Advance # 010721Z


Herbert Zigbuo, Gbarnga Vocational School, Liberia Advance # 10911Z


Parish Partners’ Support:


Alaska Missionary Conference Advance # 931027Your gift subsidizes conference-wide and local church programming in mission, enabling the establishment and continuation of new church ministries and strengthening of mission leadership in parish and community outreach efforts.


English-Speaking Congregation, Vienna, Austria Advance # 12001AThe English-speaking United Methodist Church in Vienna is prospering. As there are many students from all over the world coming to Vienna, it is most important to the English-speaking congregation to carry out mission work. The Rev. Laura Trent, formerly of the Hinton Rural Life Center staff, is the pastor.


Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference Advance # 583634This missionary conference includes Native American people representing at least 45 tribes from Oklahoma and parts of Kansas and Texas. The areas served are economically depressed, particularly the rural areas. The main purpose is to help supplement salaries of local church pastors.


Rio Grande Missionary Conference Advance # 531733The Rio Grande Conference mission is in ministry with the Hispanic population in Texas and New Mexico, who are in low employment status due to limited skills and seasonal work. The Rio Grande Conference seeks to increase salaries for pastors in non-self-supportive churches through salary/benefit supplements.


Other Projects:


Africa Church Growth and Development Fund Advance # 08233TThe Africa Church Growth and Development Program plays a critical role in empowering African United Methodist leaders to determine the most urgent and critical needs of their annual conferences.


Appalachian Regional Ministries Advance # 982041This fund assists the Appalachian Ministries Network (AMN) in its support of ministries and advocacy for people throughout Appalachia, by seeking to strengthen personal faith commitment and the witness and mission of The United Methodist Church in the region.


Baltic Mission Center, Tallinn, Estonia Advance # 10923NThe Baltic Mission Center provides accommodations for Russian and Estonian-speaking United Methodist churches in the capital city of Estonia, Tallinn; also facilities for the Baltic Methodist Seminary which has students from Estonia, Russia, Latvia, Ukraine and Lithuania.


Bethlehem Centers: Charlotte/Winston-Salem Advance # 982149United Methodist constituents are able to contribute to the Caring Connection Network of the National Mission Institutions mission work with women, children, youth and families. The Community Centers supported in our conference are the Bethlehem Centers in Charlotte at and Winston-Salem at


Cambodia General Advance # 000230A (specify: ______________)This fund provides the resources for our missionaries in Cambodia to use in their work among the Khmer people. Funds are needed for training, evangelization, community projects, etc. Contributions to this project give flexibility to the missionaries to use funds where they are needed most.


Curamericas Advance # 10158AThis project, administered partly by the Evangelical Methodist Church in Bolivia (EMB) and partly by Andean Rural Health Care (ARHC), known as Consejo de Salud Rural Andino, supports carefully selected rural preventive and primary health care programs.


Cherokee United Methodist Ministries Advance # 731144The main purpose of this project is to develop and support relevant and culturally sensitive programs that address the struggles and issues created by the inter-generational grief, injustices and traumas suffered by the Cherokee people. It celebrates their culture, history and traditions while creating a church environment that welcomes all people and builds bridges between the Christian faith and Cherokee spirituality.


Congo General (DRC) Advance # 04791A (specify: _______________) Supporting mission work through Church partners wherever there is the greatest need


Diengenga Trade School, Lodja, DRC, Equipment Advance # 15106BThe United Methodist Church started a trade school to teach students skills, so they might become self-supporting. By doing this, the church continues to fight against poverty and unemployment. This school offers two-year training in masonry, carpentry, agriculture and small engine repair.


Henderson Settlement Advance # 773365 – This fund provides child care, educational and developmental programs, agricultural and economic development, basic needs and housing assistance, and recreation for disadvantaged people of all ages in an isolated, impoverished Appalachian community.


Hinton Rural Life Center Advance # 731372Hinton Rural Life Center, located in the mountains of southwestern North Carolina near Georgia and Tennessee, is a mission agency of the Southeastern Jurisdiction. From the beginning, Hinton’s mission has been to be an advocate for the small membership church within the United Methodist connection. It assists small membership churches in becoming healthy and effective, provides opportunities for missional involvement and is a place of hospitality, spiritual growth and renewal.


John Wesley Primary School, South Africa Advance # 011033AThe John Wesley School, as a ministry of the Pinetown Methodist Church to the general community and the disadvantaged through the Bursary Fund, strives to provide excellent, broad-based education in a Christian environment.


Mission in the CIS Advance # 00243LThis Advance helps mission in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Funding received to date provides a channel of giving for the Russia Initiative Partner Church Program, by which United Methodist churches support the development of the Russia UMC. Funds continue to be needed to train church leaders, establish partnerships in church development, obtain office and training facilities and publish Christian education materials.


Nothing But Nets Advance # 982795The people of The United Methodist Church are teamed with Sports Illustrated, NBA Cares and the U.N. Foundation to eradicate the deadly disease, malaria. Together, we have launched the Nothing But Nets campaign. Malaria kills more than 1 million children each year. These deaths can be prevented by providing bed nets to protect families from disease-carrying mosquitoes. Only $10 is needed to purchase a net and save a life. Think of the lives that could be saved if all families in the Western


Red Bird Mission Advance # 773726Red Bird Mission, Inc., an agency of the Red Bird Missionary Conference in Kentucky, was founded in 1921 as an evangelical mission with education as its primary objective. Today, its ministries are much more diverse. A modern school serves more than 300 local children. Its strength is in its strong Christian Education program, in addition to a quality basic program.


Society of St. Andrew (Potato Project) Advance # 801600The Society of St. Andrew is a Christ-centered, non-profit hunger relief ministry. It helps feed hungry people in America with food that is wasted in our society. Its program is based on the fact that every hungry person in the U.S. could be fed with food that is normally wasted. The Society coordinates the Potato Project and Gleaning Network in addition to providing seasonal devotional materials, hunger information and quiet day retreats.


Stop Hunger Now Advance # 982795Established in 1998, Stop Hunger Now (SHN) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit international relief organization that coordinates the distribution of food and other life-saving aid across the globe. Since its inception, SHN has provided aid to the hungry and destitute in over 45 countries impacted by natural disasters, political upheaval, drought or famine.


Lithuania Mission Initiative Advance # 012168A

The United Methodist Church in Lithuania was reorganized in

1995 after more than 50 years of repression under Soviet occupation. Funds are needed to renovate reclaimed church buildings, to support the development of congregations and Sunday schools, to translate United Methodist worship and Christian education resources and to nurture partnerships.


Thiu Rancho Project, Bolivia Advance # 012309AThe Evangelical Methodist Church of Bolivia offers a center for church retreats and agricultural production. Thiu Rancho offers classes, clubs and recreational activities. These funds provide for agricultural education and community programs.

UMCOR Projects:

Bread for the World Advance # 982325 – Bread for the World, working with UMCOR and Christians across the nation, has a solid record of accomplishing legislation to benefit millions of hungry people. This fund is used to implement a legislative agenda in the U.S. Congress. It emphasizes and supports famine recovery, development, debt relief, reduced military aid and spending, new priorities and policies in U.S. foreign aid, and aid programs that benefit women, children and the very poor. This work is an essential component of the hunger advocacy program of The United Methodist Church.

CROP (Church World Service) Advance # 982380 – Church World Service Community Hunger Appeal (CROP) conducts public community appeals outside denominational channels for hunger programs and projects. Church World Service CROP WALKS provide a way for congregations and communities to join together in reaching out to some of the one billion neighbors worldwide who live in abject poverty.


Disaster Response, USA Advance # 901670 – This fund enables the United Methodist Committee On Relief (UMCOR) to respond to persons in need, following the hundreds of natural disasters occurring in the United States each year. These disasters leave in their wake destruction, suffering and despair. Some are of major proportions and require the utilization of tremendous resources provided by The United Methodist Church, as well as by governmental and other agencies.


Disaster Response, International Advance # 982450 – The main purpose of this ministry is to provide resources for emergencies such as natural disasters, war and social or political conflict. It provides a quick response, especially for United Methodist Central Conferences when it is needed. A gift to this Advance would bring food, shelter, medicine, etc. to places of desperate need. We frequently, but not always, have promotional information on projects receiving grants that we disseminate through our hotline, web site, news service, etc.


Heifer Project International Advance # 982532 – This innovative project alleviates hunger, poverty and environmental degradation by providing livestock and training in their care to needy rural families in the United States and around the world. Each family receiving an animal agrees to pass on the gift of the first female animal (or equivalent value) to another family, a hallmark of the project.


Sager Brown Depot Advance # 901515 – Sager Brown Depot provides facilities for processing material goods which will be made available for worldwide emergency response. Support of this program also targets the use of volunteers to resource this global effort through UMCOR. UMCOR developed this program and constructed a 47,000-square-foot processing/warehousing facility on the historic property at the Sager Brown Center in Baldwin, Louisiana.


World Hunger/Poverty Advance # 982920The World Hunger/Poverty Fund assists the millions of people suffering from chronic malnutrition and hunger through emergency assistance and long-term development. International efforts to alleviate hunger and poverty receive 80% of the funding, with 20% allocated for national programs.



     The Western North Carolina works in connection with the UMVIM, SEJ, offices located in Atlanta, Ga. UMVIM, SEJ offers several possibilities for churches to connect to other parts of the world through Volunteer in Mission Teams.  Individuals may also participate with other conferences or through SEJ mission adventures.
     UMVIM, SEJ also offers "forms" to help facilitate teams.  The following forms are available:

Parental Consent: If you have a minor traveling without their parents, you need to download and keep this parental consent form with the team (the UMVIM office does not need this, but governmental authorities might). Click here.

Medical Release: The UMVIM office does not need this, but should an accident occur, authorities might. Keep with team leader. Click here.

Notification of Death: The UMVIM office does not need this, but should an accident occur, authorities might. Click here.

     For more information on possible teams offered through UMVIM, SEJ, please go to their web-page: or hit one of the links below:


UMCOR: United Methodist Committee on Relief

UMCOR's projects and news

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