Geometrical Expressions in 3D Mixed Media

My work explores three-dimensional interactions of geometric and linear elements using a mixed-media pallet of ball bearings, wire, metals, onyx, paper, watercolor and other unique hardware elements.  These elements are my “paints”.  Like a painter, I use these elements to establish color, texture, composition, flow, interaction and impression.


My academic and vocational background is deeply rooted in the sciences, particularly biology, aspects of which creep into my work to varying degrees.  I have always had a great appreciation for compositions with strong geometric influences. My work results from this appreciation and the escape of my dominant analytical side into my expressive side. 


Although applying my name to a piece implies a given orientation, I welcome reorientation by the viewer.  The eyes and mind follow distinctly different paths when pieces are rotated through 360 degrees. 


My main goal is to arrange these geometric elements into visually interesting patterns which draw in the viewer, allowing a closer examination and greater appreciation of the interplay of the details.  Perceiving patterns in the midst of complexity is where the beauty lies.