Digital Literacy & Citizenship Lessons K-12

Common Sense Media is a non-profit organization that provides resources for the safe and responsible use and management of media and technology. Our district utilizes Common Sense Education's K-12 Digital Citizenship Curriculum that is tailored to each grade level as specified below.

 Kindergarten                          Family Activities
 Lesson 1:  Going Places Safely  
 Going Places Safely Take Home
                       Going Places Safely Video 
 Lesson 2:   ABC Searching
 A-B-C Searching Take Home
 Lesson 3:  Keep It Private Keep It Private Take Home
                       Keep It Private Video 
 Additional Resource: Password Princess Video * 
                                            Password Princess Discussion Guide * 
 Lesson 4:  My Creative Work My Creative Work Take Home
                        My Creative Work Video
 Lesson 5:   Sending Email   Sending Email Take Home
 1st Grade

 Family Activities
 Lesson 1: Staying Safe Online Staying Safe Online Take Home
                       Staying Safe Online Video 1 
                       Staying Safe Online Video 2 
 Lesson 2: Follow the Digital Trail Follow the Digital Trail Take Home
                      Follow the Digital Trail Video 
 Lesson 3: Screen Out the Mean Screen Out the Mean Take Home
                      Screen Out the Mean Video 
 Lesson 4: Using Keywords Using Key Words Take Home
 Lesson 5: Sites I Like Sites I Like Take Home
                      Sites I Like Video 
                      Sites I Like Activity Links 
 2nd Grade

 Family Activities
 Lesson 1: Powerful Passwords Powerful Passwords Take Home
 Lesson 2: My Online Community My Online Community Take Home
                       My Online Community Video 
 Lesson 3: Things For Sale Things For Sale Take Home
                      Things for Sale Activity Links 
 Lesson 4: Show Respect Online Show Respect Online Take Home
                       Show Respect Online Video 
 Lesson 5: Writing Good Emails Writing Good Emails Take Home
 3rd Grade

 Family Activities
 Lesson 1: Rings of Responsibility Rings of Responsibility Take Home
 Lesson 2: Private and Personal Information Private and Personal Info Take Home
 Lesson 3: The Power of Words The Power of Words Take Home
                       The Power of Words Video 
 Lesson 4: The Key to Keywords The Key to Keywords Take Home
                       The Key to Keywords Video 
 Lesson 5: Whose is it, Anyway?  Whose Is It, Anyway? Take Home
                       Whose is it, Anyway Video 
                       Whose is it, Anyway Video 2 
 *Optional Activity Webonauts 
 4th Grade

 Family Activities
 Lesson 1: Strong Passwords Strong Passwords Take Home
                      Strong Passwords Video 1 
                  Strong Passwords Video 2 
 Lesson 2: Digital Citizenship Pledge Digital Citizenship Pledge Take Home
                      Digital Citizenship Video 
 Lesson 3: You've Won a Prize! You've Won a Prize! Take Home
                       You've Won a Prize Video 
                       You've Won a Prize Video 2 
 Lesson 4: How to Cite a Site (teach w/Media Specialist) How to Cite a Cite Take Home
                       How to Cite a Site Video 
 Lesson 5: Picture Perfect Picture Perfect Take Home
                       Picture Perfect Video 
 *Optional Activity (Game) Share Jumper 
 *Optional Activity (Game) Safety Land 
 *Optional Activity Webonauts 
 5th Grade

  Family Activities
 Lesson 1: Talking Safely Online Talking Safely Online Take Home
                       Talking Safely Online Video 
 Lesson 2: Super Digital Citizen  Super Digital Citizen Take Home
                       Super Digital Citizen Video 
                       Digital Footprint Video 
 Lesson 3: Privacy Rules  Privacy Rules Take Home
 Lesson 4: What's Cyberbullying? What's Cyberbullying Take Home
 Lesson 5: Selling Stereotypes Selling Stereotypes Take Home
 *Optional Activity (Game) Safety Land 
 *Optional Activity Webonauts 
 6th Grade

 Family Activities
 Lesson 1: Digital Life 101 Digital Life 101 Take Home
                       Digital Life 101 Video 
 Lesson 2: Strategic Searching Strategic Searching Take Home
                      Strategic Searching Video 
 Lesson 3: Scams and Schemes Scams and Schemes Take Home
                       Scams and Schemes Video 
 Lesson 4: Cyberbullying: Be Upstanding Cyberbullying:Be Upstanding Take Home
                       Cyberbullying Video 1 
                       Cyberbullying Video 2 
 Lesson 5: A Creator's Rights A Creator's Rights Take Home
                       A Creator's Rights Video 
                  Digital Compass Interactive Site 
 *Optional Activity (Game) Safety Land 
 *Optional Activity Webonauts 
 7th Grade

 Family Activities
 Lesson 1: My Media My Media Take Home
                      My Media Video 
 Lesson 2: A Creator's Responsibilities A Creator's Responsibilities Take Home
                      A Creator's Responsibilities Video 
 Lesson 3: Safe Online Talk Safe Online Talk Take Home
                      Safe Online Talk Video 
                      Safe Online Talk Video 2 
 Lesson 4: Which Me Should I Be? Which Me Should I Be? Take Home
                      Which Me Should I Be Video 
                      Which Me Should I Be Video 2 
 Lesson 5: Gender Stereotypes Online Gender Stereotypes Online Take Home
 8th Grade

 Family Activities
 Lesson 1: Trillion Dollar Footprint Trillion Dollar Footprint Take Home
                      Trillion Dollar Footprint Video 1 
                      Trillion Dollar Footprint Video 2 
 Lesson 2: Identifying High Quality Sites Identifying High Quality Sites Take Home
                      Identifying High Quality Sites Video 
 Lesson 3: The Reality of Digital Drama The Reality of Digital Drama Take Home
                       Reality of Digital Drama Video 
 Lesson 4: Cyberbullying: Crossing the Line Crossing the Line Take Home
                       Cyberbullying Video 1 
                       Cyberbullying Video 2 
 Lesson 5:  Rework, Reuse, Remix Rework, Reuse, Remix Take Home
                       Rework, Reuse, Remix Video 1 
                       Rework, Reuse, Remix Video 2 
 High School Unit 1

 Family Activities
 Lesson 1:  Digital Life 102                                       
                                                                                (Freshman Seminar)
 Digital Life 102 Take Home
                       Digital Life 102 Video 
Additional Lesson: Digital Bytes 
Click "Explore Now", scroll to bottom, hover over "Our Generation," and click "Instafamous." 
 Lesson 2:  Oops! I Broadcast It on the Internet       
                                                                                (Freshman Seminar)
 I Broadcast It on the Internet Take Home
                       Oops Video 1     
                   Oops Video 2 
 Lesson 3:  Copyrights and Wrongs                           
                                                                                 (Freshman English)
 Copyrights and Wrongs Take Home
                       Copyrights and Wrongs Video 1 
                       Copyrights and Wrongs Video 2 
  Lesson 4:  Feeling on Display                                           
                                                                                   (Human Relations)
Feeling on Display Take Home
                        Feeling on Display Video 
 High School Unit 2 Family Activities

 Lesson 1: My Online Code                                               
 My Online Code Take Home
 Lesson 2: Who Are You Online?                             
                                                                                (Freshman Seminar)
 Who Are You Online? Take Home
                       Who Are You Online Video 
 Lesson 3: Building Community Online                             
 Building Community Online Take Home
 Lesson 4: Overexposed: Sexting and Relationships 
                                                                                   (Human Relations)
 Sexting and Relationships Take Home
                       Overexposed Video 1 
                  Overexposed Video 2 
 Lesson 5:  Risky Online Relationships                     
                                                                                   (Human Relations)
 Risky Online Relationships Take Home
High School Unit 3

 Family Activities
 Lesson 1: Rights, Remixes and Respect                           
 Rights, Remixes and Respect Take Home
Additional Lesson: Digital Bytes Click "Explore Now", scroll to bottom, hover over "Innovation," and click "Copy-Paste Culture."  
 Lesson 2:  Taking Perspectives on Cyberbullying     
                                                                                      (Junior Seminar)
 Taking Perspectives Take Home
                       Taking Perspectives Video 
 Lesson 3:  What's the Big Deal About Internet Privacy? 
                        (Personal Finance or Financial Lit. in the Real World)
 Internet Privacy Take Home
                       What's the Big Deal Video 
 Lesson 4:  Becoming a Web Celeb         
                                                                  (TV Science 1,2,3 or History)
 Becoming a Web Celeb Take Home
                       Becoming a Web Celeb Video 
Additional Lesson: Digital Bytes Click "Explore Now", scroll to bottom, hover over "Interpretation," click "Selling Out," hover over "Activism," and click "Disconnected." 
 Lesson 5: College Bound                                       
                                                                                (Freshman Seminar)
 College Bound Take Home
                       College Bound Video 1 
                  College Bound Video 2 
 High School Unit 4

 Family Activities
 Lesson 1:  Private Today, Public Tomorrow                 
                                                                                      (Junior Seminar)
 Private Today Take Home 
                       Private Today Video 
 Lesson 2:  Does It Matter Who Has Your Data?         
                                                                                      (Junior Seminar)
 Does It Matter? Take Home
                       Does it Matter Video 
Additional Lesson: Digital Bytes Click "Explore Now", scroll to bottom, hover over "Interpretation," and click "Online Tracking."   
 Lesson 3: Breaking Down Hate Speech                                 
 Breaking Down Hate Speech Take Home
Additional Lesson: Digital Bytes Click "Explore Now", scroll to bottom, hover over "Our Generation," and click "Haters and Trolls."   
 Lesson 4: Retouching Reality 
             (Photography 1,2  or Graphic Arts 1,2,3  or Digital Arts 1&2)
 Retouching Reality Take Home
Additional Lesson: Digital Bytes Click "Explore Now", scroll to bottom, hover over "Interpretation," and click "Internet Hoaxes."  
 Lesson 5: Collective Intelligence                                       
 Collective Intelligence Take Home


* Additional Resources may not be provided by Common Sense Media.