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8th Grade Homework

Week of May 13
Mon-        Final Exam Study Guide Part A due tomorrow!!
Tues-        Final Exam Study Guide Part B due Monday!
Wed-        Final Exam Study Guide Part B due Monday!

Week of May 6
Mon-        Work on Pendulum Lab
Tues-        Pendulum lab is due tomorrow!!
Wed-        Forces and Friction HW handout
                Lab is due tomorrow!!
Thurs-        Quiz tomorrow!!  Study Guide HERE!!!

Week of April 29
Mon-        STUDY!!  Earth Science Test tomorrow!! Completed Study Guide here!!
Wed-        Bubble Lab due on Friday!
Thurs-        Bubble Lab due Friday!! See post in Google Classroom!
                PE/KE Homework handout due tomorrow! 
Week of April 22
Mon-        Earth Science HW#2
                Earth Science quiz on Wed!!  Study Guide is here!!
Tues-        Quiz tomorrow!!!
Week of April 8
Week of April 1
Mon-        TEST TOMORROW!!  STUDY!!  Study Guide answer key is here!!
                Analog vs. Digital C-E-R is due tomorrow as well!   
Tues-        Earth Science Pre-Test due tomorrow
Wed-        Paleogeographical Mapping due on Friday!!!
Week of March 25
Mon-        NONE!!  Digital Literacy Night!!
Tues-        Finish the article from class today and finish the Understanding Informational Test worksheet
Wed-        None!  We will finish the lab we started today in class on Friday!
Thurs-        Study guide due on Monday!!  Get it here!!
                Analog vs. Digital C-E-R due on Tuesday!  You got it in class today.
Fri-           Study Guide due on Monday!!  See above!
                Analog vs. Digital C-E-R due on Tuesday!
                Waves test on Tuesday!! 
Week of March 18
Mon-         Waves HW#1
                Bring headphones to class tomorrow
                Quiz on Wed!!!  Study Guide here!!
Tues-        STUDY!!!
                Look over the Sensing Waves Assignment, on classroom
Wed-        Sensing Waves Assignment due on Friday by 11:59pm!!
Thurs-        Sensing Waves due by Tomorrow at 11:59pm!!  Get it done!!
                Beats Lab due on Monday in class.  Will be working on this lab more tomorrow in class!
Fri-            Sensing Waves due TONIGHT!!!  11:59 pm!
                   Beats Lab due on Monday!
Week of March 11
Mon-        STUDY!!  Thermal Energy Test on Wed!  Study Guide Answer Key here!!
                Make sure you fill out the Penguin Self and Group Assessment...its part of your grade!!  Form Here!!
Tues-        STUDY!!!!  TEST TOMORROW on TE!!!
Wed-        Waves pre-test!!
Thurs-        None!!
Fri-            None!

Week of Feb 11
Mon-        None 
Tues-        Off
Wed-        Finish the Protect the Penguins research paper!  You will be reporting to your group tomorrow
                Thermal Energy quiz is on Friday!  Study Guide here!
                    Start thinking about what materials you would like to bring in for the Penguin project!!
Thurs-       TE Quiz tomorrow!!  Study!!  Study Guide above!!
                Insulators vs. Conductors Homework, due tomorrow!  Great review for the quiz!
Fri-        None!!!

Week of Feb 4
Mon-        How Ice Melts Part 2 handout due tomorrow!!  
                Midterm is on Friday!!  Please make sure you are dong the Study Guide!!!
Tues-        Midterm on Friday!!  Look over your Study Guides!!
Wed-        Heat Transfer review handout, due tomorrow (if you miss some its OK!!  We didn't finish the notes)
                Midterm on Friday!!!
Thurs-        MIDTERM TOMORROW!!  Look over your study guide!  Answer Key is here!!
Week of Jan 28
Tues-      Endo/Exo HW handout  
Wed-        Thermal Energy Formative handout
Thurs-        Thermal Energy Formative Handout
Fri-            Finish the Lunchwarmer Lab (graph, conclusion and questions!!)  Due Monday!!

Week of Jan 21
Mon-        Off 
Tues-        Ch 4 Test on Thursday!!  Study Guide is in your Google Classroom!
                Work on Chemistry Portfolio!  Part of your Mid Term Grade!!
Wed-        STUDY!!!!  CH 4 Test tomorrow!!
Thurs-       Endo and Exothermic Formative sheet give out in class
                Chem Portfolio is part of your Midterm grade!!!  Work on it!!
Week of Jan 14
Mon-        None BUT you should be working on your Chem Portfolio!!    
Tues-        EdPuzzle on Photosynthesis from Google Classroom is due on Friday by 11:59 PM!!
Wed-        QUIZ on Friday!! On Chemical and Physical changes and Conservation of Mass!! Study Guide Here!!
                EdPuzzle on Google Classroom, due Friday night!!!  
                Chemistry in a Bag Lab due on Friday in class!!
Thurs-       QUIZ Tomorrow!!  Study Guide Here!!
                EdPuzzle on Google Classroom, due Friday night!!!  
                Chemistry in a Bag Lab due TOMORROW!!
Week of Jan 7
Mon-        None but work on your Chemistry Portfolio!!
Tues-        Finish the notes from class today, they are on your Google Classroom!!
                Complete the EdPuzzle Video called 'Laws of Conservation of Mass 'by Thursday!!  Also on your Google                   Classroom.
Wed-        EdPuzzle is due tomorrrow!!  Make sure it is completed!!
                Work on your Chemistry Portfolio.  Chapter 3 should be done!!!  Ch 4, part one (ECM)should be done,                 or very close to being done!
                Chemical and Physical notes should be close to done as well, they are on Google Classroom.
Week of Jan 2
Wed-        ECM quiz on Friday!!  Study Guide here!!
Thurs-        ECM quiz Tomorrow!!
Fri-            Finish the Physical/Chemical Change worksheet        

Week of Dec 17
Mon-        Unknown Substances Lab due tomorrow! 
Tues-        ECM Handout, due on Thurs!
                Bring in snack food for a lab on Friday!!  NO WET OR NUTS!!!
Wed-        EMC Homework is due on Thurs!!
                Snack food for our lab on Friday!  Not Wet or Nuts!!
Week of Dec 10
Mon-        Classifying Elements Worksheet
                Start working on Study Guide for the Ch 3 Test
                Test on Friday!!
Tues-        Study Guide for the Test on Friday!
Wed-        Study Guide due tomorrow!
                Test on Friday!!!
Thurs-    STUDY!!!!  Ch 3 Test tomorrow!  Quiz
Fri-           Identifying Unknown Substances Lab due on Tuesday! 
                EMC Poem!
Week of Dec 3
Mon-        Making a Molecule Sim Lab due on Wed
                Atoms and Periodic Table quiz on Thurs!  Study Guide here!!
                Chemistry Portfolio 'Intro to Matter' and 'Atoms/Periodic Table' due By Friday!!
Tues-        None!
Wed-        STUDY!!!  Quiz tomorrow on Atoms and Periodic Table!!  Study Guide above!!
                Answers to the Study Guide we were going over in class today!!  Page 1  and   Page 2
Thurs-        Work on your Chemistry Portfolio, First two parts due Tomorrow at 11:59!!!
Fri-          Chemistry Portfolio due today!!!!  Make sure its updated and ready for me to look at!
Week of Nov 26
Mon-        Periodic Table Scavenger Hunt Part 1 
Tues-        Periodic Table Scavenger Hunt Part 2
                Meet the Elements Review (use the notes here if needed!!)
Wed-        Combining Elements Part 1 ONLY due tomorrow!!
Thurs-        Combining Elements Part 2 
Fri-           NONE but-    Work on Chemistry Portfolio 

Week of Nov 19
Mon-         None
Tues-        Start to look over your Chemistry Portfolio Website!
Wed-        None!!
Thurs-        Eat lots of stuffing!
Fri-        None
Week of Nov 12
Mon-          Finish Mini lab on Phases for tomorrow!      
Tues-        If you have not sent me your Final Space Pen Pal Review, it is very late!!  Get it to me now!!
                Finish Oobleck Debate paper, up to #4
Wed-         Oobleck lab, all parts, due on Thursday!!  Debate info here!!
                Phase Quiz on Thursday!!   Study Guide here and on Google Classroom! 
                ***For extra credit on the quiz, only put your last name on it.  No first names!!*** 
Thurs-         Oobleck lab due tomorrow!!  Check above for the debate chart if you need it.
                  Penny Formative due tomorrow!   
Week of Oct 15
Mon-        None, continue to work on your SPP website!!
Week of Sept 24
Mon-    Space Pen Pal Website needs to be up by tomorrow!!!