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7th Grade Homework

Week of Nov 12
Mon-        Notebook and JDI quiz tomorrow!!  Get it ready before you get to class!!
Tues-        None
Wed-        Cell Parts worksheet (called Can You Identify These Cell Parts, but only do back side!!)
Thurs-        Work on Group Presentation
Week of Oct 29
Mon-        Ch Test Study Guide due tomorrow!
                Ch Test on Wed!
Tues-        Study!!!!  Test tomorrow!!
Wed-        NONE!!  Enjoy your Halloween!!
                Per 2- Test on Friday!!
Thurs-        Per 2 only- Test tomorrow!!!
Fri-            None!!  Enjoy Fairview!!
Week of Oct 22
Mon-         Per 2- Picking out the Biotic and Abiotic Factors worksheet, front side only!!
                            Biotic/Abiotic Hunt Lab is due tomorrow!!
                Per 3,6,8- Finish the 6 Characteristics of Life video paper from class, videos are here!!
Tues-        Per 2- Finish the 6 Characteristics of Life video paper from class, videos are here!!
                Per 3,6,8- A/B/6/4 study guide!
                                Quiz on Thurs!!!
Wed-          Per 2- Finish the A/B/6/4 Study Guide!
                            Quiz on Fri!!
                    Per 3,6,8- STUDY!!!!  Quiz tomorrow!!  
Thurs-        Per 2- STUDY!!!  A/B/6/4 quiz tomorrow!!
                Per 3,6,8- Find two places in your home where you organize items like we did in class today!
                                    - Write it down!!!!  Take a picture if you can!!!!
Week of Oct 15
Mon-        Per 2- Study for Microscope Practical, its tomorrow!
                        Say Eeeeee lab due tomorrow!
                Per 3,6,8- Say Eeeee lab due tomorrow!!! 
Tues-        Per 2- notebook is due tomorrow!,
                Per 3, 6, 8- none
Wed-         Per 2- none, bring a jacket or sweatshirt to class tomorrow
                 Per 3, 6, 8- work on biotic/abiotic lab, due early next week
Thurs-        Per 2- work on the Biotic/Abiotic Hunt lab, Due Tues!
                Per 3,6,8- Picking out the biotic and abiotic factors worksheet!  Just the front side!
Week of Oct 8
Mon-        Per 2- Language Lab worksheet, front side only!!
                Per 3,6,8- Language Lab worksheet, back side only!!! 
Tues-        Work on Say Eeeeee lab, due early next week!!
Wed-        Study for the Microscope Practical!!
                Say Eeeeee Lab due on Monday!!
Thurs-       Per 2- Work on Say Eeeee Lab, Due Tues!
                            Microscope Review due Monday!
                            Lab Practical on Tues!!
                Per 3,6,8- Microscope Review due tomorrow!!
                                Say Eeee lab due on Tues!
                                Microscope Practical on Monday!
Fri-          Per 2-        Microscope Review Due Monday!!
                                   Lab Practical on Tues, STUDY!!!
                                    Say Eeeeee lab due on Tues!
                Per 3,6, 8-     Lab Practical on Monday, STUDY!!!
                                    Say Eeeee lab due on Tues!!  

Week of Oct 1
Mon-        Period 2- Back side of the Triple Beam Balance Worksheet
                Period 3,6,8- Measurement Lab is due tomorrow!!
Tues-        Period 2- Measurement Lab due on Thurs!
                Period 3,6,8- Backside of Microscope parts  (use the cheat sheet if needed)
                                    Notebook due tomorrow!  Check it here!!
Week of Sept 24
Mon-         Per 2- Student Information Google Form due on Friday!!!  Click Here!!
                Per 3, 6, 8- Measurement handout with rulers on it (back side only!!)
Tues-        None!
Wed-        Per 2-  None!
                Per 3,6,8- Back side of Triple Beam Balance Worksheet
                                Back side of Graduated Cylinder Worksheet, 1-8 only!!
Week of Sept 17th
Mon-    Back side of the Tools of a Life Scientist
            Complete the Student Information Google Form, Click Here!! 
Wed-    No School!!

Week of Sept 10th
Mon-    Contract due by Wed the 12th!
Tues-    Front side ONLY of the Lab Skills Assessment Handout
            Contract due tomorrow!!
Wed-     Safety Quiz on Friday!
            Back side of Lab Skills Assessment worksheet
Thurs-     STUDY!!!  Safety Quiz Tomorrow!!!
Fri-          None

Week of Sept 6
Thurs- None
Fri-     Classroom Rules Contract due Wed Sept 12th
          Fill out the Student Information Google Form by Friday Sept 14th, find it here!!