Week of Nov 13
Mon-        Notebook due and Just Do It quiz on Wed
                Get Cells Test signed by Wed!!  
Tues-        Notebook due and Just Do It quiz on Tomorrow!!
                Get Cells Test signed for Tomorrow!!
Wed-        Finish the Memory Handout (3 body systems per memory!!)
Thurs-        None   
Fri-            Body Systems Project due on Tuesday!  Back of paper should be on a separate piece of paper!
Week of Oct 30
Mon-        Color Cell worksheet (1-6 ONLY!!!)   
Tues-        Cells Test Thursday!!  Start looking over your notes!
Wed-        STUDY!!  Cells Test Tomorrow!
Thurs-        None
Fri-            Finish the Cell Job Application! Here's the link!! Due the Monday we get back from break!
                Have a great time at Fairview!!
Week of Oct 23
Mon-        None
Tues-        None
Wed-        Make a list of 3 things that is different between the Plant and Animal cells.  Use the paper from today                     in class
Thurs-        None
Fri-            Can you Identify These Cell Parts, both sides, starred items only!!
Week of Oct 16
Mon-        Look over your notes for our Biotic/Abiotic/6 Characteristics/4 Necessities Quiz on Wed!!
Tue-        A/B/6/4 Study Guide due Tomorrow!
                A/B/6/4/ Quiz is now on Thurs!
Wed-        STUDY!!!
Thurs-       Finish the Cells Worksheet
Fri-            None
Week of Oct 9
Mon-        Off!! 
Tues-        Bring jacket, long sleeve or sweatshirt to class tomorrow!  Going outside for our lab!
Wed-        Biotic/Abiotic lab due on Monday, all parts (cover, lab sheets all done, conclusion (on back of 'Rules of                 going Outside' sheet)) 
Thurs-        6 Characteristics of Life Video worksheet from class is due tomorrow COMPLETE!                  Here is the link to the videos
                Biotic/Abiotic Lab is due on Monday!!
Fri-            Biotic/Abiotic Lab is due on Monday!!  Cover, 2 lab sheets ( and maybe an extra                         piece of paper if you needed more for the conclusion)
Week of Oct 2
Mon-        STUDY!!  Metric Quiz tomorrow! 
Tues-        Notebook due on Friday!  Check it here!!
Wed-        Picking out the Biotic and Abiotic Factors Worksheet (T chart)
                Notebook due on Friday!
Thurs-        Respect Yourselves!!
                Notebook due tomorrow!!
Week of Sept 25
Mon-         Make sure the Student Survey is done for tomorrow!
Tues-        Measurement Lab is due Friday!!
Wed-        Lab due on Friday!
                Start your covers!!
Thurs-       Lab due Tomorrow!!  Except for 2nd period, its due on Monday!
                Metric Study Guide due on Monday
                Metric Quick Quiz on Tuesday
Fri-           Metric SG due on Monday
                Metric Quiz on Tues
Week of Sept 18
Mon-        Back of Tools Worksheet
                Tools Test on Wed!!
Tues-        Tools Test Tomorrow!!  Study!!!
Wed-        Fill in the Student Information found on this site!!  Look on the side bar or click here!!! Due by Monday!!
Thurs-      Find 5 items in your house that has either a marking of meter, Liter or gram.
                Student Info form needs to be filled out by Monday!!
Fri-          Activity Night tonight!!!  6:30 to 9!!  Come in your Black and Gold!!
                Student Info Due by Monday!!!
Week of Sept 11
Mon-    Classroom Contract due on Wed!!
Tues-    Contract due tomorrow!
Wed-    Lab Skills Assessment handout due tomorrow
            Safety Quiz on Friday! 
Thurs-    STUDY!!  Safety Quiz tomorrow!
Fri-        None (except Period 2, Quiz on Monday!

Week of Sept 7
Thurs- None
Fri-     Classroom Rules Contract due Wed Sept 13th
          Fill out the Student Information Google Form by Friday Sept 15th, find it here!!