About Me

  • I graduated Ramapo College in 2015!

  • My nickname in high school was “Tarzan” because I had long hair.

  • I have a really hard time sitting still and like to be in constant motion.  That’s why I love SCIENCE!

  • I love animals!  I have two lovebirds, an African grey (he talks!), and a greyhound.

  • My greyhound (her name is Rio) is a retired racer from Florida.  Greyhounds are the fastest breed of dog and can run at speeds of up to 45 MPH!

  • My favorite animal of all time is a narwhal!

  • My favorite thing to do is draw!  My friends and I work together to create our own comics.

  • In second grade, I won an all-expense paid trip to Disney World through a drawing contest that my mom entered me in without my knowledge.

  • I am a huge nerd!  In addition to creating comics together, my friends and I also play Dungeons & Dragons together.