Remind 101

Remind 101 is a wonderful way for teachers to send important information via a cell phone to parents and students in a safe manner.


- Created for teachers to communicate safely with their students

- Student and parents can not respond to texts from each other

- Information can be sent to cell phone via texting or sent to email address, your choice

- It's for information, not conversation

I am asking that all of my students as well as their parents sign up for Remind for the appropriate period. Below you will find the sign up information to do so from your cell phone or email.

- If you have any concerns about your child signing up for this program, please email me or look at the Remind website.


For more information please go to their website

Use these links to get the information to type in and send with your cell phone/email account.

Period 1 information

Period 2 information

Period 3 information

Period 5 information

Period 8 information