As Central's Student Assistance Counselor it is my role to provide students with the support they need to navigate the challenges they face in high school.  Through groups, individual meetings, classroom presentations, assemblies and clubs we empower our students with conflict resolution, assertive communication and resources that will support them while building resiliency.
I truly believe that my role with our students is to provide them with support while increasing their self-esteem so they become empowered and responsible adults.

     Along with my duties as the Student Assistance Counselor I also am the Anti-Bullying Specialist at WMC.  Some of the responsibilities of this position include participating in investigations and counseling participants.  I am also an integral part of both freshman and junior health classes educating them on how to identify bullying behaviors and how to empower our students so they can be active participants in creating a positive school culture.  The goal is to give them the skills, knowledge and power to be an upstander so we can continue to build a climate of mutual respect and tolerance.  I also address online literacy so they are aware of the risks and dangers of social networking and technology.

Some of my other responsibilities include:

Individual counseling
Group counseling
Municipal Alliance Meetings
Health classes
Project Peace (anti-bullying club)
Senior Reach Peer Leadership Program
Zen Zone- Mindfulness sessions
Substance Abuse support
Climate Team Meetings
504 committee
Diversity Club co-advisor
Bowling Club co-advisor
Transfer Connections co- leader

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns! 
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