Clubs and Groups

The following are some of the current groups Ms. Cartier advises:

GSA (Gay Straight Alliance)It is a safe place for ALL students to come and chat about issues related to acceptance and diversity.
Project Peace-  Is the anti-bullying club which was created to offer a fun, safe place for students to come together and work on ideas and campaigns that create a healthy school climate.  Some of the activities we are working on include flash mob dances and the week of respect.
Bowling Club-I am co-advisor to this club and we go learn about bowling and also socialize in a healthy and fun environment.
Senior REACH-- I also work with senior members of REACH who assist in facilitating our Anti-bullying curriculum in Freshman Health classes.  Being a member of senior REACH combines leadership, peer mentorship and role modeling behaviors.  The goal is that by using a turnkey support we create a school where respect is the climate and culture.   


PROJECT PURPLE- A club to support sobriety, recovery and educating about the risks of addiction.
WMC-GirlCode- A club that will focus on fostering self-esteem and support for girls by building each other up and not putting one another down.

Smoke-enders ( smoking cessation group) and Girls Chat Group (this is a group offered to girls in our school to provide a place where girls can meet with support and guidance.  The goal is to work on developing assertiveness; increased self-esteem and work on helping everyone find their voice).

A new group can be started at anytime if there is student interest or a need in the student community.  Please feel free to contact Ms. Cartier if you want to join any of these clubs or would like additional information.