Project Peace-- Tuesdays @ Lunch- Room A108

Project Peace is an anti-bullying club established to help students understand what bullying is and to make the transition to thoughtful and conscientious student body that refuses to allow bullying to occur within the school and community.

Some of the past activities included- Week of Respect, National Dating Awareness Month, Mental Health Awareness Month and Pledges to Stand up to Bullying.

Diversity Club-Thursdays @ Lunch- Room A108

A safe space for students to gather and discuss issues related to diversity .   
Students that join diversity club have a desire to learn about other people's experiences as well as advocate for support and equality within the school culture. 


Senior REACH-

Senior REACH is a peer leadership program where senior students help to facilitate programs that are geared to create


a school climate and culture based in respect and supporting one another.

Some of the past activities included- Week of Respect Activities, National Dating Awareness Month, End the Cycle


Anti-Bullying Group Activities, Freshman Orientation and Communication Skills Assembly.

As part of our expanding peer leadership initiative- we also have student leaders that are 

REACH AMBASSADORS- these are peer leaders that will provide support to students that have recently transferred 

into our school community to assist with their transition and help them get connected to both the school and social 


Bowling Club-  (DATES to be arranged)

Bowling is a winter club that attends Circle Lanes for 8 outings where students bowl, socialize and enjoy the friendly

competition of the sport of bowling. This club tends to begin in November and although there

may be a few informational meetings prior to the outings and an end of year wrap up meeting in February/March it 

should run until January weather permitting.