The special education program is designed to meet the individual needs of each student with a disability.  In most cases the courses provide a structure that parallels the regular high school program but is flexible enough to accommodate the instructional needs of the students' Individualized Educational Plan.

 All special education curricula address the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards, and for purposes of GPA and rank are considered Studies Level.

*Life Skills Program

The Life Skills program is designed to meet the needs of students with pervasive learning challenges who require specialized instruction targeting development of essential language arts and communication skills, mathematics concepts, knowledge of civics and government, career readiness via community based instruction, social decision making skills, and computer literacy. The self-contained nature of the program provides students with a home base within the larger school community for primary courses while allowing for inclusion and integration for selective courses and experiences.

*Special Needs Program (Vocational) - MCST

The special needs program is a shared‑time, half‑day prevocational program at the Morris County School of Technology.  Initially, students undergo assessment of their vocational interests and aptitudes.  Following evaluation, the student may be placed in one of nine Employment Orientation programs:  Auto Body I, Auto Service Technician I, Building Construction, Building & Grounds Maintenance Services, Building Trades, Clerical/Banking Careers, Culinary Arts I, Human Services, Retail/Supermarket Careers.  Students may also be mainstreamed in other Vo‑Tech programs.

*Behavioral Support Program

The Behavioral Support Program is designed for classified students who require, and benefit from, an alternative educational/classroom environment.  The program provides a high level of structure and focuses on strengthening student behavior, responsibility for school assignments as well as improving socializing skills within the high school milieu.  Students may access this program for science, history, math, English and out-of-class support.  The academic curriculum is based on the Common Core standards. Social skills are strengthened via individual or group counseling.  Individual counseling may also be provided as indicated in the student’s IEP.


Special Education Department Offerings