Science Department Course Offerings

The science curriculum aims to train all students to be scientifically literate citizens, and to prepare and inspire those who will be the next generation of scientists and professionals in technical fields.

To achieve this goal, the curriculum consists of courses and activities that are designed to meet the various needs of the student population. An investigative inquiry process is utilized so those students will discover and interpret scientific knowledge and develop positive attitudes, interests and appreciation of science and the scientific community.

All students must complete three full‑year courses in science as a requirement for graduation. Most students should complete no fewer than four years of science that should include the study of physics. Students who expect to complete college with a major in science, engineering, premedical, pre-dental, pre-veterinary science, or any science‑related field are strongly urged to plan a program of studies that includes a minimum of five full‑year courses. It is also advantageous for the science-oriented student to take one or more of the advanced placement courses (college level courses). Students should then plan their science and mathematical programs in conjunction with each other to make sure that their mathematical background is adequate at the time they plan to enroll in a particular science course.


Science Department Offerings